It appears my Doxing David story really hit home with some the folks at the SR…they deleted this post real quickly because it was embarrassing.



It is obvious that the SR doesn’t want the public to see any of my previous comments regarding the CONDON/HOGAN Joke because it is embarrassing not only to them but also to that paragon of truth and virtue Shelia Chase. I could go into great detail but I’ll leave you with some of the screenshots from this story back in 2013.


It is just impossible to make this stuff up…unfortunately for us it is all real!









  1. RE: Hurt Feelings
    Been following you on the Sled~Review and enjoying your expose on the city/SPD as well as your pokes at the news organization. Here’s one for your “Hurt Feelings” category.

    “Detected as spam” is a new designation used by the Sled~Review to remove posts that dare to mention, use a quote from, or otherwise put up information from another local media/news outlet. No more linking to sites that get the drop on the Sled~Review regarding a local story. No more stating that something was read elsewhere, unless you are an uber liberal out to slam conservatives.

    The Sled~Review will allow Andrew to post garbage about whale’s vaginas, on a thread about rape, and will allow Chuck to post filth ridiculing conservatives but NO POSTING INFORMATION THAT IS RELEVANT TO THE ISSUE IF IT COMES FROM ANY LOCAL SOURCE OTHER THAN THE SLED~REVIEW. The swell paper considers that spamming.

    I wonder what Stacey is afraid of?

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  2. Glad you’re keeping a public-available record of all the dirty deeds the DC administration is trying so desperately to sweep under the rug. Bravo Zulu!

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  3. RE: Shame On Me and The Doxing of David
    Way to go Buff!

    Too bad the Sled~Review’s star reporter didn’t develop the leads you gave him sooner… voters just might have had all this important information before the mayoral election. Not that I think Lichty would have won but voters would have been more informed about the Condon administrations slim shady dealings.

    Oh….wait….what was I thinking?
    The Sled~Review was never going to expose their guy, right before the election. And now, the town’s only newspaper is going to milk this story for all it is worth. It won’t bring them Mayor West levels of sales but it will help.

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