The Ongoing Public Records Battle!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I sure did, and one of the many things I was thankful for was the hot shower I was able to take last night. With my electricity back on I’ll try and do some catch-up.


As I mentioned in my last blog post I received the same Public Records Response from the City that the media did during the Pre-Thanksgiving Document Dump. I will deal with what is actually in the documents in my next blog post (it is a treasure trove of good info for the public), but I thought it important to provide this information to demonstrate how the hide the records game is played and some of the steps that have to be taken from the offensive perspective as a requester.


The first thing I want to point out is this SR Article in which City Council President Ben Stuckart threatens an investigation by the City Council.

This of course would be an excellent idea and the City Council by virtue of the City Charter does have the power to investigate this matter including the power of subpoena and taking testimony under oath. As an interesting side note in an email I sent to a City Council Member 0n Sept. 23, 2015 I stated this regarding the Cotton/Straub situation.


“Please advise me if the City Council will be conducting an outside independent investigation of ALL of the circumstances surrounding the firing of Frank Straub. As you know I have considerable information I will make available to an independent investigation which is entirely within the purview of the City Council. As you know the City Council has investigative authority including subpoena power.”


I received this response later that day.


“Council has not discussed this action.” 


On Sept. 30th I sent this in an effort to get an answer.


“As more and more information slowly begins to surface has the Council had ANY discussions regarding this matter?” 


On Oct. 1st I received this response.


“I have zero support for this”


So here we are today with all the political BS flying both ways, and the truth still hidden.

Here is the big, big problem for the City Council actually doing the right thing and conducting an investigation. With respect to getting answers to the lack of transparency and withholding of Public Records past the election, the key figure in that regard is the City Clerk Terri Pfister who is also the City’s Public Records Officer.

Ms. Pfister is the individual I’ve been dealing with as has the media regarding PRRs. She is also the City Clerk who works very closely with the City Council and is present during all their meetings. The question is does the City Council have the guts to subpoena all of Terri Pfister’s records call her before the City Council put her under oath and question her regarding pressure from the Condon Administration to withhold information past the election. Big dilemma for the City Council…eh? Beyond the Terri Pfister issue a legitimate investigation would also bring to light a lack of oversight by the Public Safety Committee, as well as the City Council itself, so the Las Vegas odds on a real and legitimate City Council investigation are pretty long.

My next blog post will be entitled “The Doxing of David” where I will provide some good info far beyond that supplied by the SR which paints some interesting pictures of the Condon Administration.






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