When I opened my email this morning and received a response to the request imaged below it became quite obvious to me that Council Member Betsy Wilkerson, a woman of color, is being targeted by Mr. Chud Wendle with the aid of members of the Spokane Police Department.

It all started with the now widely publicize  “not too enthused” Body Worn Camera Video making national news thanks to Chud Wendle the out-front representative of the wealthy Downtown Spokane folks via his “Spokane Business & Commercial Property Council” Facebook page and with help from SPD as this Spokesman Review story explains

Council Member Wilkerson did exactly the right thing by making a complaint to the Office of Police Ombudsman who could monitor SPD’s Internal Investigation of the case, rather than directly to SPD IA since there was no question SPD was involved in the effort to discredit CM Wilkerson. I did of course submit a PRR for all records regarding that Wilkerson case but because it likely will be very embarrassing to Mayor Woodward and Chief Craig Meidl they will do everything they can to delay and delay the release of those records.

Wendle’s FB page is a private page frequented by not only some of the local wealthy folks but also some rather strange individuals most all of whom certainly have a very Conservative perspective, it is also frequented by local Cops including Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl who would certainly have to be a person of interest in the Wilkerson IA Investigation and I would assume was interviewed regarding the leaked information.

The primary focus of Wendle’s FB page is to portray the City Council and the State Legislature as the bad people responsible for crime in Spokane, even though they have nothing to do with how Mayor Woodward runs our Police Department, and as a matter of fact the City Council despite all the protestation about five of the seven City Council Members being “Defund the Police” advocates the facts speak for themselves.

One of the key pieces of evidence I find in Chud Wendle’s dirt digging quest is this Public Records Request he made which didn’t help him much but sure is evidence of his bias toward CM Wilkerson. It is however a good reminder to drive the speed limit in school zones because Chud is watching.

 This one is interesting because somehow someway Chud Wendle had the exact dates for his request.

Now this PRR by Chud Wendle is really interesting and confirms that my sources are correct that OPO Luvimae Omana and Sgt. Uberuaga were involved in the IA Investigation. Interestingly Luvimae Omana, like Betsy Wilkerson is a woman of color and it would appear that she along with Sgt. Uberuaga likely interviewed Chud Wendle, so I’m anxious to see if Chud Wendle was “not too enthused” about cooperating with Ms. Omana and Sgt. Uberuaga during the IA Investigation.

Below you will find links to all of Chud Wendle’s PRR’s to date, and I’m sure someone must have noticed the timelines for the 3 different Wendle PRRs for the original “not too enthused” Body Worn Camera Video.

Mr. Wendle without question needs a class on “How to protect sources when doing a Public Records Request.”, but I’m very busy right now.

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