It just happens to be Mayor Woodward’s day.

This SR story is funny for some reasons, and not so funny or other reasons the funny aspect is how could the Mayor not know who the heck Terry Parker AKA “eagleproducer” has been around for years commenting with his anti-establishment philosophy on Twitter and Facebook for years even back in the old Disqus days on the Spokesman Review website, even Soccermom Susie would remember him from the old days.

Terry is the type of poster you sometimes have to block when he is deeply off on one of his tangents, but like anyone else you have to gain an understanding of where he is coming from.

Terry still owes me two grand from a bet on the Otto Zehm case.

Now, here is the not so funny part of the story.

“I’m not going to apologize for that tweet,” Woodward said. “It wasn’t my finest moment, but I wanted to push back on a nameless coward who trolls me constantly and push back on men who degrade and belittle the talents and successes of women because of their gender.

“It’s time for more women to push back against misogynists like that.”

“I think I would like to encourage other women to push back on trolls and bullies and misogynists, because women have come a long way in a lot of respects,” Woodward said, “but in other ways we haven’t when we’re subjected to this type of behavior by men regularly, and I get it all of the time. And you know what? I’m just sick and tired of it.”

Although Madam Mayor wants to “push back on trolls and bullies and misogynists” she absolutely refuses to push back on the ones in SPD, whether it is subjecting a would-be City employee from to inappropriate conduct by a polygraph operator and background investigator.

How about a push back on male Cops who spend an inordinate amount of time on the job watching porn?

Or how about a push back on the Cop who instead of responding to a female victim of a Kidnapping/Rape Case just decide to use SPD resources to surf the internet for fishing stuff.

Or how about some push back on how female recruits are treated by male Officers.

Or how about some push back on Brady Cop Detective Lydia Taylor being assigned up until recently to SPD’s Criminal Intelligence Unit after her crap about the female victim of former Sgt. Gordon Ennis.

There of course are several other cases you obviously don’t care to push back on but if it is just all about you Madam Mayor being the victim of “trolls and bullies and misogynists” I completely understand how Terry Parker might get under your skin. On the other hand I want to be clear you can call me anything you want, if you would please…pretty please… just answer my legitimate questions.