When I agreed to take on this Investigative Journalism gig several years ago as an effort to fill in the gaps between what the local Mainstream Media was reporting and the facts surrounding what really goes on in Spokane and although my reporting has resulted in local MSM picking up on what I have reported in several stories the fact remains that in some cases what I report just isn’t considered newsworthy in the eyes of other Journalists who look down on me and basically consider me just another “blogger” with no journalism background or degree.

This is one of those stories you likely will never see reported in the local MSM because it involves some  poor decision making on the part of several people and involves an exclusive deal between the Spokesman Review and Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich which has resulted in a lawsuit against the SR for their coverage of the Jeff Thurman Case.






Back on September 6, 2019, I gave the local MSM and the Public a heads up on who the players were in the Thurman v. Ozzie case thinking there might be some follow-up other than just mine.

As part of my looking into the Thurman case I did the normal PRR thingy, received a copy of Ozzie’s IA Case against Thurman, carefully reviewed it as I have hundreds of others, and concluded that Ozzie is going to have one heck of a problem proving Thurman actually did what Ozzie accused him of.


I would have thought, knowing Ozzie Knezovich like I do that any SR deal with him for an exclusive would have included a complete copy of the Ozzie’s IA Case against Thurman prior to a story being written so the SR could make a sound judgement on exactly what to report, but apparently that was not a part of the deal. IMO Tom Clouse is a good reporter and did a stellar job of reporting on the Karl Thompson, Otto Zehm case but his reporting on the Zehm case resulted in a tiff with a previous SR Editor and Clouse was banished to Sports for a while. I think if Clouse had read the Thurman IA Case prior to the SR story he may well have come to the same conclusion I did, and the reporting might have been different.

As is often the case Thurman’s lawsuit against the SR is based upon facts obtained during depositions in another case and as you can see from Thurman’s June 14, 2021, Amended Complaint which is based up information obtained under oath Thurman may have a good case against the SR.


If you took the time to read Thurman’s Amended Complaint, you might wonder exactly what “The Price of Honor” actually is when you consider these sections.

Another quite interesting fact in the whole Thurman case is that Thurman’s alleged victim Andrew (Drew) Richmond, the son of former SCSO Deputy, and now Airway Heights Chief of Police Brad Richmond along with his EEOC complaint also filed a lawsuit against Ozzie and Spokane County.



It is notable that former Deputy Drew Richmond transferred to the Spokane Police Department and was hired August 26, 2019.

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