When you are a Cop and subject yourself to danger one of the things you should have the utmost confidence in is that your agency will take care of your family should something happen, and you die from injuries you receive in the line of duty. When you go on the job inevitably your wife will express her concern so you sit down usually more than once and explain to her if something does happen you and the kids will be taken care of, but you will have to jump through some minor hoops the agency will help you through.

Such is not the case with Mayor Woodward’s Administration and the facts are that instead of helping the grieving spouse and children of a fallen SPD Officer she has decided to spend of lot of taxpayer’s monies on fighting payments already approved to the family by paying a law firm to represent the City of Spokane in an effort to block those payments making things even harder on a fallen Officers family. In the recent case of extremely well liked and respected SPD Officer Jon “JD” Anderson Mayor Woodward has chosen to hire the law firm of Floyd & Kane, PLLC to fight a Labor and Industries May 10th, 2021, decision which provided the proper benefits to JD Anderson and his family, and beyond the L&I decision there was of course the Department of Justice decision which ruled the Anderson family was entitled to Fallen Officer Benefits.

Just how well liked and respected was JD Anderson? The local Mainstream Media pretty well covered that but not the back story.

The back story was never picked up by local MSM even though it involved issues the City of Spokane is still dealing with today.

Obviously when a Fallen Officer is memorialized on the Fallen Officer Memorial in front of the Public Safety Building it means a lot to the Officer’s family but not much apparently to Mayor Woodward.

Since the Spokane Police Guild endorsed and backed Mayor Woodward in her run for Mayor, I can’t help but wonder what their position is on this travesty. The excuses given by the City’s contracted lawyer Jon D Floyd to the family for appealing the L&I decision don’t hold water in my mind and of course will be the same excuses Mayor Woodward and Assistant Mayor Brian Coddington will come up with if pressed on the issue. There is little hope either for the family that the City Council would do much of anything since they are currently completely consumed in other issues and of course political posturing in lieu of the next Mayoral Election.

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