Like politics anywhere local politics can get down and dirty, and as we know from recent investigations of politics at the national level other nations will utilize fake Facebook and Twitter Accounts to affect the outcome of national elections. The same is true with our local election process where individuals will create fake Facebook and Twitter accounts to defame, degrade, and lie about various individuals who may or may not be associated in some way with a political candidate.

While working on another story I was able to establish that at the local level perhaps the most prolific individual to use fake Facebook accounts is Sharon Linnae Dust a 53-year-old female and great aunt of Mr. Caleb Collier’s children from his former marriage to Alyssa Venable (nee Hundeby). Sharon Dust is an RN who works along with Collier’s ex-wife at Latah Services Inc, an elder care business owned by Patricia M. Groth.

Over a period of approximately two years Sharon Dust has cyberstalked a number of individuals including myself using various fake Facebook accounts including but not limited to the following;

Shelly Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez

Jen Anderson

John Williams

Drew Dust

Sharon Dust’s most recent fake Facebook account is under the name Lisa Harrison and she has been very active on the Tri-County Voice Facebook page, a page moderated by Dust’s close associate Tanner Rowe and from which I was booted from yesterday for exposing the truth a FB page where Dust was able to find allies in her cyberstalking efforts.

I want to correct a minor mistake Lesley Haskell made in some posts she made while she was attacked by Sharon Dust on the Tri-County Voice Facebook page. Lesley Haskell was understandably under the impression that the fake account was Tanner Rowe’s wife Emilee Combs as both Mr. and Mrs. Rowe interact with Sharon Dust. Emilee Combs is a member of the Spokane Regional Issues and Politics FB group and despite her vitriol is allowed to post in that FB group.

Sharon Dust is very closely allied with Bob West and his daughter Brandi Peetz and has bragged about a relationship with Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich in private messages I have obtained from an individual who has come forward at their own risk of being cyberstalked or harassed by Dust and others.

I hope this helps to correct the record and provide some factual insight regarding politics, using messy divorces to defame character for political and personal hatred motives, and just how low some people will go.

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