If he is so are the taxpayers yet again!

An amended Tort Claim was filed yesterday by Thurman’s lawyer Mary Schultz one of the amendments to the claim, though not in the least bit surprising, is an allegation that Ozzie in usual Ozzie fashion “has been using his position to intimidate, shape, and/or alter evidence among department personnel”.

That tells me that some folks inside Ozzie’s department are risking intimidation and are talking, which based upon what I know about the case isn’t a good sign for Ozzie and if Mary Schultz has sound evidence Sheriff Knezovich has intimidated, shaped, and/or altered evidence that would be a crime. There is no question that if this claim isn’t settled by the County and it ends up in a lawsuit that some of the deposition questions will be directly related to efforts by Ozzie to intimidate, shape, and or alter evidence among department personnel.

As far as Ozzie using his office to try and intimidate people Mary Schultz won’t have any problem finding witnesses who will testify that Ozzie has used his office to try and intimidate them, it is a pretty long list.

Even though Ozzie says the IA Investigation of Thurman was “very thorough and can stand on its own”…

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich said the investigation into Thurman was very thorough and can stand on its own against the claim Thurman filed.

“It’s in here folks. I hope the plaintiff’s attorney at least read the file before she wrote this,” Knezovich said.

“On Monday afternoon, Knezovich said the tort claim is “not an accurate depiction” of Hines’ report. He said he could not immediately discuss details because he didn’t have the report in front of him.”

Ozzie sure isn’t anxious to get copies of the reports to the media.

Perhaps because some of those privy to the IA Reports don’t believe there is enough clear and convincing evidence to prove Thurman made the comments Ozzie alleges he did.