Like any lifelong Spokanite I don’t want my City infested with rats any more than it already is, but I also want efforts to remove any infestation done legally and within the standards that apply.

My statement above might sound odd to some however it is made from the perspective of one heck of a lot of experience in the Criminal Justice System and firsthand knowledge that bad arrests make for bad law.

Whether someone is Progressive and an advocate for Sanctuary Cities or a Conservative who is Anti-Sanctuary City you have to look at the big and long-term picture as well as think about what would happen if law enforcement decided they can without being accountable cheat to circumvent the law. Unless someone gets a handle on cheating regardless of what the issue is Conservatives should give thought to what might happen if all of a sudden law enforcement decided to enforce gun laws any way they pleased, it works both ways folks.

After my story yesterday I did receive contact from a Politician asking questions about what is going on at SPD, now that is a GOOD THING, but unless Politicians as whole start acting Progressives as well as Conservatives could very well end up very unhappy.

So how does all the above fit into the MYSTERIOUS CASE OF ADAM DOE?

There is no question Adam Doe the now deported Alien from the Ivory Coast was a rat, as Meghann Cuniff (Seems to always be you Cuniff 😊) the former Spokesman Review Reporter from back in the day when the SR did hard reporting pointed out a number of times.

There is also no question that Adam Doe continued to be a rat and drug dealer after all of his previous involvement with the Law and should have been gone long before his arrest on February 3, 2018 by the SPD Police Anti-Crime Team…so why wasn’t he?

I’ve been reporting for a long time on problems with the SPD PACT and in yesterday’s story threw in a teaser to see if I would get any kind of a response and I did. Keeping in mind that WE have a two million dollar claim against US and have already settled at least one involving SPD and the Border Patrol.

It is time someone besides me starts asking hard questions.

To be clear about Politicians asking questions, I am excluding Mayor David Condon and City Council Member Lori Kinnear. Condon obviously because he orchestrated the hiring of Craig Meidl to replace his embarrassing hire of Frank Straub and doesn’t want any questions asked or answered and Kinnear who aided Condon by championing Condon’s hire of Meidl.

With respect to just the Adam Doe arrest here are some questions the Politicians should be asking:

1. Did SPD PACT member Officer Winston Brooks tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth in his police report and sworn affidavit concerning his arrest of Adam Doe?

2. Were CBP Agents waiting around the corner for the SPD PACT to make the arrest?

3. Was Detective Wendt telling the truth and nothing but the truth in his report when he basically contradicted Officer Brook’s report?

4. What was former former SPD Co-op/Explorer doing with SPD PACT during Doe’s arrest, and who invited her?

The questions seem pretty rudimentary to me and I’m sure some lawyers will be asking similar ones!