This SR story is a bit confusing?

Was the March directed solely at SPD who has had a policy for years of not hassling people because of their immigration status and that policy was recently updated making it more restrictive as a result of the settlement in the Gomez v. City of Spokane Case?

Or was it also directed at the Spokane City Council who enacted the very controversial Ordinance SMC 03.10.050 in 2014 only to very quietly repeal it in 2017?

*** This KXLY piece is kind of ironic? 😊


Another thing I don’t quite understand is why the Center For Justice and The Spokane Peace and Justice Action League are focusing on the City and not the County. Ozzie’s Troops aren’t encumbered with the same restrictions SPD is?

Gosh, if the Center for Justice has any evidence of SPD violating the new policy it would be nice if they sent that evidence along to me so I can add it into my PRRs I’ve already submitted. 😊

As a side note to my PRRs because of the lack of transparency on the part of the City of Spokane I’m afraid I’m constantly on the minds of the great gals in the City Clerk’s Office who have to deal with them. See if you can pick out what I mean in this letter Terri Pfister wrote to Vicky Dalton regarding the immigration status ballot issue. 😊 😊