I anticipate a lot of blow-back from Mayor Condon, Teresa Sanders, and the Mayor’s Chief Craig Meidl with my most recent exposure of SPD misconduct and attempts to hide it, so I wanted to correct a mistake I made in an email to OPO Logue and others. To be clear Officer Daniel Lesser and Officer Scott Lesser ARE NOT BROTHERS, they are however related and there are several members of the Lesser Family on SPD including Daniel, Scott, Chris, and Randy.

As you will see in the email image below I did correct the relationship to the people who I have been keeping informed about the problems with the SPD PACT for several months now including City Council Members who obviously have NO INTEREST in looking into all the SPD problems even though many are running for elective office.

This is the type of blow-back and lies I expect from Craig Meidl.

Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl listens to Mayor David Condon announce Meidl’s new appointment during a gathering, Aug. 1, 2016, at city hall. 8/1/216 DAN PELLE