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The problem is how does anyone know if those “High Standards” are being met and exactly how is “Accountability” established?

Certainly, there are those within both the Democrat and Republican Parties, who don’t meet the “High Standards” Ozzie refers to in his campaign rhetoric but as is the case with many Politicians finding out who doesn’t meet those high standards can be a real battle, and in most cases can only be established through someone seeking the truth and reporting the truth, often using the much-dreaded Washington State Public Records Act.

Most Investigative Journalists receive a lot of information from various sources regarding the misuse of public funds, and I’m no exception. If it is an election cycle more and more information will come in from various sources. If I only receive information from one source I tend to just file the information away and not begin the Investigative Process. On the other hand, when I receive information from more than one source on both sides of the isle…that peeks my interest and I get started. Such is the case with information and documents I received regarding Ozzie’s candidate and recently elected Progressive Spokane Valley Council Member Brandi Peetz.

Progressive Voters Guide Brandi Peetz


Ozzie of course who “identifies” as a Republican has no problem endorsing Progressive candidates if they are even remotely associated with or running against his hated deplorables Republicans Matt Shea, or Rob Chase, which makes everything kind of interesting as far as this story is concerned.

Biviano Progressive Voters Guide

OK Chris Jackson endorsement

Progressive Voters Guide Chris Jackson

The question raised from sources was whether or not Spokane Valley Council Member Brandi Peetz took advantage of taxpayers’ dollars and went on a junket with her husband to Washington DC for the Greater Spokane Incorporated sponsored “Regional Fly-In”?

For those that aren’t aware the purpose of the sponsored event is to “to advocate on behalf of our region” by attending various functions and hobnobbing with big wigs. The actual trip is paid for by the different agencies whose representatives make the trip. Representing the Spokane Valley were Mayor Rod Higgins and Council Member Brandi Peetz.

GSI 2018 Regional Fly-In

Once I received more information from sources that Mrs. Peetz might have been vacationing on the public dole with her husband I did a few interviews and of course did a Public Records Request to either substantiate, or not, the information I received. The first installment of Public Records corroborate much of the information I received.

Peetz Fly-In 1

Bob West Number redacted

Vote Bob West PCO

Robert (Bob) West PCO Filing


Peetz reimbursement 1

Peetz reimbursement 2

Peetz reimbursement 3

Peetz reimbursement 4

The Public Records sure indicate that Spokane Valley Council Member Peetz had lots of problems showing up “to advocate on behalf of our region” which is consistent with sources thus far.

Okay which ones are you going to

Peetz got left again

Peetz I keep getting left behind


However, keep in mind that this is only the first installment in response to my Public Records Request, and there is more coming. One interesting aspect of this Public Records Request installment is that it contained “Nissen Affidavits” from everyone involved with the exception of Council Member Peetz, but those “Nissen Affidavits” can be troublesome for some folks because they are made under oath, and if an Investigative Journalist happens to have been provided with evidence about use of private electronic devices to conduct Public Business it creates a big problem for the Government Folks.

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