Collier Anon Letter


As some of you know Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich has made that assertion in his Facebook posts and other places implying that the letter was the handy-work of Caleb Collier.

Timelines are important in the Investigative Process, so you might be interested in this exchange January 11th, 2018 between Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich and myself in response to a FB post by Jaclyn Gallion January 8th, 2018 on the Spokane Regional Issues and Politics Website. The posts speak for themselves.

Me Oz FB 1

Me Oz FB 2

Me Oz FB 3

Take special notice of this statement by the Oz:

Oz Give it to us


Recently released Public Records in my possession reveal that the “us” consists of two Democrats and an Ozlican. I might add many of those Public Records were withheld by the County in previous PRRs. Perhaps Robert Mueller can expand his investigation of “Collusion” to the Spokane Area? 😊

West Peetz Oz images

When you are dealing with individuals who lack integrity, whether they are hiding or not, you always do a follow-up as I did on January 28th, 2018 this time on the Spokane Liberty Caucus Website during an attack by Knezovich on Deplorable Ron Wright.

Follow-up to Ozzie Anon Letter

What is interesting about the Timeline is that recent Public Records reveal this:

  • On 11/29/2017 at 10:25:48 AM Bob West sent a message to Ozzie Knezovich stating: “Thank you for coming yesterday. Meant the world! Just an fyi. City is going forward with investigation/ interview with me, set for Monday. Union will be in attendance. Just keeping you in the loop.”

  • On 11/29/2017 at 11:35:53 AM Knezovich responded with this: “If you have the handwriting expert’s report by then I would open with that since this all started with that claim.”

  • On 11/29/2017 at 12:18:51 PM West responds with this: “Agreed. Don’t know if I will receive email notification or just hard copy snail mail. Will see. Thanks again.”  


Let’s see the evidence Bob West and Ozzie Knezovich!!!

It is important to note that the anonymous letter received by Collier was found to be completely accurate and as we all know West was terminated from City of Spokane employment for among other things electioneering for his daughter Brandi Peetz he taxpayer’s dime. You will also note that the actual letter is type written and not handwritten, leaving the only handwriting for analysis is the very limited handwriting on the envelope. In order to a legitimate handwriting analysis the analysist needs enough handwriting “exemplars” to compare, so one would have to wonder, if there really was an analysis made, exactly where did West get the Collier exemplars.

As I do my own analysis of the Public Records I paid for and received I find that those records are so telling that it is no wonder Spokane County wanted them hidden and I received this threatening letter from Mr. James Emacio who is the County Public Records Officer with the responsibility of making sure the County adheres to the Public Records Act. Mr. Emacio is also a member of the Washington State Bar Association and as a member of the Bar subject to the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Threat Letter 1

Threat Letter 2

Threat Letter 3

I get lots of letters from members of the Washington State Bar Association, including this one regarding my October 2017 Public Records Request regarding Bob West’s termination from City of Spokane employment.

Ormsby Letter 1

Ormsby Letter 2

Ormsby Letter 3

Well…I thought when I retired I wouldn’t have to deal with lawyers any more…boy was I WRONG!!  🙂

 It has been almost seven months since I submitted my PRR to the City and have yet to receive any responsive records. When I and other Requestors do get those records whether willingly or via Court Order, the records I received from the County will help to establish whether or not the City is trying to withhold responsive records.