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As many of you know I have been in a battle with the City of Spokane since October 25, 2017 over my Public Records Request regarding Bob West the terminated City Employee and father of Spokane Valley Council Person Brandi Peetz and City Employee Misty Griffith. For those that aren’t aware Griffith and her father both worked in the same office in the Spokane Municipal Court Probation Office.

The letter (imaged below) from City Attorney Mike Ormsby will give you an idea of the current status of my PRR.

Ormsby Letter 1

Ormsby Letter 2

Ormsby Letter 3


You might take special note of Ormsby’s admission in the above letter “Admittedly we all could have done a much better job of identifying the appropriate process to follow.”

The letter of course is one of those typical lawyer letters I’ve read over the years, and the admission is one of those “No shit Sherlock!” type of statements which often accompany this type of letter.

On Saturday April 14, 2018 I received two CD’s in response to my PRR regarding West. The two CDs do not under any way shape or form include all of the responsive records I, and you, are entitled to. Supposedly the rest is coming soon.

The records I have received so far do however begin to paint a picture of just how a reasonable person could concluded that all the delays were not a poor job of “identifying the appropriate process” and were rather simply a matter of trying to delay the inevitable.

There are a number of interesting records contained on the CDs which indicate that Bob West as well as his daughter Misty Griffith were heavily involved with their daughter/sister’s campaign against Caleb Collier on City time. The not new method of trying to hide on duty interaction via Linked in messaging was evident and not at all surprising, as was the fact that Bob West spent a considerable amount of City time doing Ozzie’s handpicked CAB business.

Here is just a tidbit of what I’ve found so far:

LinkedIn Brani Peetz

Peetz Video Invoice

Jeff Wright Invoice


I honestly haven’t been sluffing off it is just that a lot of stuff has hit the fan lately including the OPO Annual Report, SPD trials and tribulations, the Ozzie/McGrath battle, the Fossum Investigation, and more, including the priority “Honey Do List”, now that the weather is better.