Damage Control

The rumor on the street is that Ozzie has planned with KXLY to do some damage control on the air regarding his Phil Tyler “dilemma”. Unfortunately, it might be all Ozzie and nothing from the victims, some of whom still work for the County and just might be afraid of retaliation from the Oz, so I thought you might be interested in some of this evidence in Ozzie’s own words. Yes, as you can see from the image above spending all day listening to BS and Spin can be boring but if handled right can often lead to quality evidence.

Here is some of the transcript from Ozzie/Buff Episodes Two and Seven as they relate to Phil Tyler. Remember these are Ozzie’s own words.


Ozzie/Buff Episode Two Control Regarding Phil Tyler:

(16:42 Me) Can we talk about Phil Tyler now…and your IA complaints…did you cover up for Phil Tyler Oz?

(Oz) “Do what?”

(Me) Are you aware of all the complaints against Phil Tyler?

(Oz) “Yah, I investigated any of those complaints.”

(Me) And they were complaints of sexual harassment right…harassment, right?

(Oz) “Sexual?”

(Me) Harassment… they were

(Oz) “You want to get it straight…which one?”

(Me) HARASSMENT…were the claims…

(Oz) “You said sexual.”

(Me) Well pardon me it was a slip…

(Oz) “Oh, it was purposeful…”

(Me) No, it wasn’t purposeful

(Oz) “Phil Tyler’s situation was investigated and there was no covering…”

(Me) Can you tell me what he was investigated for Ozzie…it’s a matter of public record…

(Oz) “It’s all can… (inaudible)…public record.”

(Me) Were you aware about a physical contact about… at a soccer game?

(Oz) “What are you talking about?”

(Me) “A physical confrontation he got into while driving a County car at a soccer game?”

(Oz) “I don’t remember Brian.”

(Me) Okay.

(Oz) “Again this is an individual you want to throw out and disparage again…”

(Me) Wait a minute you’re a friend of Phil Tyler’s… right?

(Oz) “Ahh… Yah, I am

(Me) You speak very highly of him, don’t you?

(Oz) “He did a good job…”

(Me) He did a good job as a Deputy Sheriff…I mean in the jail…

(Oz) “As a Corrections… he did actually…”

(Me) But he had all those complaints Ozzie?

(Oz) “He had complaints yes…

(Me) He had lots of complaints, didn’t he?

(Oz) “He had complaints…yes…so Brian…I’m not going to let you sit and disparage people all day long”

(Me) I’m not disparaging people…I’m asking you questions… I want to know why he was forced to quit?

(Oz) “He didn’t, he wasn’t forced to quit…that’s another lie you just said…”

(Me) I said another lie…why did he leave Oz?

(Oz) “He left because he got tired of the situation he was dealing with…”

(Me) Do you think that is what the jailers would say…wasn’t there a letter?

*** (I guarantee you some folks at this meeting took it as a threat…read it carefully and decide for yourself. It would be nice to hear from some of them. When someone is digging their own hole, just let them keep digging!!!)

(Oz) “Are you aware that the jailers…since you want to bring it up…are you aware that the Sergeants filed a no confidence vote on Phil Tyler…and wanted me to remove Phil Tyler from being a Lieutenant…without just cause because they had none…they admitted there is no just cause here Sheriff… we want him removed…are you aware I met with the Sergeants and went…do you want me to start operating outside of the confines of the contract and contractual law and labor law…is that what you’re telling me…

(Me) They didn’t think he was very good then…right?

(Oz) “You want me to remove this Lieutenant…right…right…which you admit (pointing to me) …that there is no just cause…”

(Me) I never admitted there was no just cause…

(Oz) “The Sergeants…right…so we put that all up on the board…I says now Sergeants if I do that for them do I do that for you also…If one of your troops have a beef with you…do I remove you without just cause…and they went oh no…no that can’t happen…you can’t do that Sheriff…I says you want me to do this to the Lieutenant…sure this has some issues…”

(Me) What issues were those?

(Oz) “It’s very black and white…right and wrong…and they didn’t like that…they didn’t like that…so at the end of the day…they all went you know Sheriff we all appreciate the meeting…we all appreciate you listening to our concerns about Phil…no we don’t want you to remove him without just cause…and we sent Phil to some leadership training…that was the nuts and bolts of it Brian…so back to this…”

(Me) No lets go back to this (Trap laid for later…😊)



Ozzie/Buff Episode Seven Regarding Phil Tyler:

(10:12 Oz) “He’s the NAACP President.”

(Oz) “Brian, I just want to tell you this, we looked at all those complaints, it’s not exactly the way it’s been painted to you go ahead and read all of them, I don’t care. What we did, we looked at all of them, there wasn’t anything we could substantiate.”

(Me) So, Ozzie, exactly how many complaints against Phil Tyler were there? Perhaps it would be a good idea to release all of Phil Tyler’s IA cases to the public and let the public decide whether they should have been “substantiated”?


(Oz) “Oh, that one I don’t remember him flipping anything off, I remember him pointing at a sign.”

(Me) You know the one I’m talking about!

(Oz) “Yah, I do, he was on vacation, he found a sign that said Massoni right…and he stand there doing this right… and he sent it to his friends right…”

(Me) And you put letter in their files.

(Oz) “It was little bit more than just for that.”

(Me) Do you think it’s healthy to have a guy with that background?

(12:08 Oz) “You do realize he got chewed out for that right…and it’s not terminal…right?”

(Me) You came out and supported him for City Council.

(Oz) “I didn’t know anything about the DV, Brian… I found out that from the report.”

(Me) You know where I’m coming from on that, and I going to come hard on that to.

(Oz) “I don’t know what your going to come hard at… it’s a give and take there.”

(Me) There is an allegation that you went over to HR and put the Kibosh to a harassment complaint.

(Oz) “What harassment complaint?”

(Me) I really don’t want to get into it…

(Oz) “With who?”

(Me) Massoni that was one… she made some complaints…

(Oz) “Oh…they looked at that…”

(Me) Did she make some complaints…yes or no…

(Oz) “I believe she did…and I believe HR actually looked at that…”

(Me) And you did end up putting some letters in your troops files.

(Oz) “I did because it was… there were things that you…you don’t realize so…you throw that out there… but I’m telling you if you read the files…would understand why.”

(21:31 Me) You don’t agree with me with respect to Tyler and how you should approach that obviously…

“I didn’t say anything about that… I hear what you’re saying.”

(Me) Gail Bass?

(Oz) “What about her?”

(Me) Has she had a lot of problems with him?

(Oz) “With who?”

(Me) Tyler.

(Oz) “They were friends at one point.”

(Me) At one point…

(Oz) “Until he got promoted.”