Lead a Horse to Water


Part II

When not only myself but old friends and longtime Investigators outside SPD with experience in corruption cases look at what information is now available in “The Case of The Suppressed Silencer” we all concluded that what happens next in “The Scam Capital of The Nation” will say a lot about how Spokane is Governed.

Because of some things going on in the background as a result of my earlier stories Part II will be relatively short and sweet, and Part III will depend upon what actions the City Council or others take.

Some things to keep in mind about this case is that YES, Chief Craig Meidl, and Assistant Chief Justin Lundgren were very aware of Robert T Bro’s position at the Spokane Police Academy, as did the person providing the City Council with the information about the Suppressor Bid, however no one bothered to tell the City Council about the obvious problems with the Bid.

Council member Beggs was not the only Council member unaware and when I received this email from him, I cringed as any investigator would when a political figure injects themselves into what should be an independent investigation. When that happens all too often it just increases problems associated with the case and can lead to more speculation of cover-up or corruption.

Beggs reply to story


So, I shot this email back to Council member Beggs, in hopes that he would at least consider the suggestion as other Council members have.

My response to Beggs



Stuff like this can get out of hand fast and not reacting properly in the interest of transparency, Citizens, and those involved, will end up in a mess.

There are a number of options available to the Mayor and City Council as far as securing an independent investigation is concerned, those options DO NOT include the OPO because of the possibility of criminal conduct (the OPO and OPOC have their own big problems going on right now anyway), or ethically the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office because of their direct involvement in the Bid process, the City Attorney who has in the past utilized an Inquiry Judge Proceeding in similar cases because of the waiver they provided Bro, so if the Mayor and City Council do decide to take the appropriate steps based upon a litany of elements leading to reasonable suspicion they have a number of options available to them some of which are clearly defined in the RCW as well as Federal Laws and were intended for this type of situation.

Of course, the obvious first step for any investigator would be to obtain these.

PRR Bids


One individual close to the situation pointing out this image in my story stated this “How can we trust them any more?”

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I kind of danced around the answer to that one, but they got my drift!

I’ve got lots more and the folks Downtown are running around, so we will see where this goes.