A few of what I believe to be heart felt early statements from both Republicans and Democrats about the Freeman High School Tragedy.

No affixing blame!

No furtherance of hatred!

No playing to a constituency!

No agenda pushing!


Just the right things to say at a time like this.


Statements 1Statements 2Statements 3

KREM TV did an excellent interview this morning with former Spokane County Sheriff, and SPD Officer Mark Sterk who is now in charge of School District 81 Security. Mark is a man of faith, and has been since I’ve known him. He is also a Republican. I hope a replay is available for everyone to watch as Mark, doesn’t affix blame, make any statements showing hatred, nor does he play to a constituency or push an agenda, even though he is a candidate for President Trump to appoint as our local US Marshall, and is someone I recommend should President Trump ask. Mark also correctly points out that as hard as we try sometimes tragedies like the Freeman School shooting can’t be explained or stopped.


On a side note, as it relates to guns, and Public Records Requests, I thought some of you might be interested in this request for an Attorney General’s Opinion:

AG Request