Not much to say about this email exchange, except that some of Ozzie’s staff might need to keep an eye on him. When hatred gets to the level that someone is hearing voices in their head or are talking to invisible people, it could be dangerous…just saying!

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Of course I always just wanted to be a Detective, and was under the mistaken impression I was at least half way good and not “inept”.

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Does it make any sense to you that they would have an inept, corrupt, lying coward write the entire SPD Investigation Manual, which was a how to do it book, that has on at least two occasions been touted by consulting firms reviewing SPD, including WASPC?

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You know Scott Johnson right? Heck you know how those Promotional  Evaluations Reports go even though you haven’t had one for a while except from me, mine are all pretty much the same, but here is one that might interest you.

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One thing I’ve learned in over four decades of doing this stuff is that people with a complete lack of credibility ALWAYS attack other peoples credibility. Speaking of cowardice, have you got the stones to say who you are getting this information from that I was an inept, corrupt, coward or is that all just your usual made up stuff you use when someone exposes you for what you really are?