Another good Inlander story by Mitch Ryals today, which fits right in on what I’m working on.

Of course, Joe Walker was one of the catalysts for bringing the Cotton/Straub affair to light with his “Whistleblower” complaint, from which he suffered some “pushback and dissension “so it only makes sense that he understands just how bad SPD is with transparency.


As far as the OPO being Pissed Off is concerned that becomes clear in this email exchange between OPO Logue and myself during my research for a story on the “Great Leak Investigation” so I thought I would go ahead and write about it today while I’m waiting for the rest of my PRR response concerning the leak investigation, as is ordinarily the case completion of the leak PRR response has been pushed back.

I gotta wonder why OPO Logue is sticking around with SPD’s efforts to intimidate him, and OPOC Chair Deb Conklin, who doesn’t like Logue making every effort to get rid of him, as evidenced in the video of the last OPOC meeting.

If you believe this statement in the Inlander article I have a bunch of bridges I’m willing to sell you.

“Right now our level of transparency is limited by staffing,” Meidl said. The department has lost at least two clerical employees since former Chief Frank Straub left the department in 2015, he added.”

Try and put aside the snarky stuff in the emails imaged below and consider that had the conversation between two former Marines take place face to face exact quotes would not be printable.


My Initial email to OPO Logue:

BL 1BL 2BL 3BL 4

OPO Logue email response:

LR 1LR 2LR 3

My response:

BR 1BR 2BR 3

Everyone gets PO when someone questions their veracity… as for me I’m used to it. You can decide for yourself who is telling the truth in this case, but you also should keep in mind that under the OPO Ordinance even if the OPO or an Independent investigation uncovers any wrongdoing on the part of an IA Investigator, nothing can be done.


No IA discipline

The next time you hear Mayor Condon say that the OPO Ordinance is “A National Model For Police Oversight!” or a Council Member saying “It Was The Best We Could Get!”, perhaps you will laugh right along with me?