We start out having to go through the highly-publicized Deputy Travis Smith arbitration loss a few years back.

Why did Ozzie have to go through the Smith case yet again? Well for you folks of course!

Ozzie, when asked isn’t quite sure where Travis Smith is assigned, apparently not in patrol. I would have thought Ozzie would have known where a guy like Smith is every shift. Ozzie’s answer reminded me of another highly-publicized case involving another former Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy who later went on SPD was fired by the SPD Chief of Police, took it to Arbitration, the City settled before the Arbitration decision, which made the Chief at the time very mad so he had the cop sit at a desk in the Chief’s office so he could keep an eye on him for a while.

We live in a small town, so it is only natural that things somehow get linked up. The defense in the Karl Thompson case unsuccessfully tried to get into the trial a confrontation between Otto Zehm, and Jerry Hensley when he was a Deputy with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office.

It is always a dilemma for a police administrator what to do with Brady Cops, and there are quite a few. The last Brady/PID list I got was from Tuesday February 23rd ,2016. Notably absent from the list, despite all of Ozzie’s very public denunciations of Travis Smith and the Arbitrator is none other than Travis Smith. An oversight perhaps, or maybe Ozzie didn’t think he would qualify? Other notable Absentees are Ozzie’s basket of liars like Larry Lindskog, Dave Reagan, Dave Wiyrick, Fred Ruetsch, Earl Howerton, Ron Wright, Jerry Brady, Rob Lee, and all the others in his basket of deplorable people.

I will update my Brady/PID List when I find out IF based on Ozzie’s “evidence” Larry Haskell thinks I qualify, then it could get interesting.

Ozzie says because his staffing level is so low he has no paperclip counting positions and I guess is forced to let his Brady Cops continue …. continuing whatever it is that they do.

I of course did maintain hold-backs throughout this nonsense but the most uncomfortable hold back for me was the one I bring up at the end of the video.


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