More Spin and Marty!

The above reference to Spin and Marty was for the benefit of older folks like myself who use to watch the Disney Series Spin and Marty. Marty in this Series is of course Ozzie’s training Deputy. Keeping in mind that this whole expensive exercise was created to prove I’m a liar and make me eat crow, so from Ozzie’s perspective I certainly would have to be Spin, and he tries to make a case for that throughout this series.

As we are discussing Cops that lie, for some reason, Ozzie throws the case below in.






I believe the 2007 date Ozzie talks about is when the case was first filed, then worked its way up to SCOTUS via the Sixth District and a 2014 SCOTUS Decision. I really don’t see the relevance to Cops that lie in their official capacity and Politicians that lie. SCOTUS just said it is okay for politicians to lie, something they never do of course, but nothing about Cops lying in their official capacity. All Politicians can of course lie during a campaign, or thereafter with some impunity beyond the ethics rules.

Okay, I admit right after Ozzie brought up the SCOTUS case I did kind of use a little I & I Technique which is also a ploy used by defense attorneys to beat up on Cops on the witness stand, and something I’ve been asked by defense attorneys, I have no idea how many times. When you are on the witness stand a defense, attorney to make the witness look like a liar asks someone if they have ever lied, the honest answer for 99.99% of the population is “Yes.” The follow-up after a “No” response is … “You mean you have never lied to your wife or family?” then it can go downhill from there.

We get a little deeper and more specific into the staffing level of the Spokane Valley City staffing level and find that the SCSO is down 14 positions, and when that happens per Ozzie he splits it up, which would mean SVC is down 7, and the rest of the County is also down 7, so the question remains whether Ozzie is fulfilling his contract with the SVC, and whether they care or not. 


I am not going to get into detail about Case Management Systems, Solvability Factors, Choke Points, Detective Caseloads, etcetera, and will only say … been there done that … no T-shirt just Atta Boy junk, because Ozzie said he was going to consider whether his 130 cases per year per Property Crime Detective is way too low. 

Ozzie when he checks will be able to find considerable documentation that his 130 cases is low as ICMA pointed out.

Matrix Consulting Comparison


ICMA Report




There is a distinct difference by the way between “Solvability” and “Clearance”, some other time maybe. 


A little more about Ozzie’s new business and where he lives. 

I hope Phil Tyler takes a careful look at this statement by Ozzie “He’s the NAACP President.” and the context. I might have missed it but at this point I haven’t heard anything from Phil Tyler regarding the McMurtrey case. Ozzie’s AML (Administrative Memory Loss) fortunately goes into remission and he remembers some IA stuff I brought up earlier.

Ozzie explains what happened with the guy that gave him the “International Obscene Number One Gesture.”

We begin to get into the Travis Pendell issue.


A little levity at the end about who is the Boss. The real Boss of course is all of us, and no one person! 










  1. Of all the disturbing information shown by the Ozman Versus The Buff video tape mini-series, I find the (lack of) case load assignment numbers to be one of the most troubling revelations brought to light. And add to the dismal number of cases that get follow up, my surprise that the sheriff doesn’t have a clue. His so-called “experts” (that he dismissed an hour or two into the video) did not help the explanation, in fact…they seemed almost as clueless as their fearless leader. What the hell, Buff?

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    1. That is one of those things that I have been trying to point out for years now. But you must keep in mind that per Ozzie I don’t understand how they do their cases. The advantage that local law enforcement leadership has is that the politicians don’t understand, and Detective caseload data is held real close to SCSO, and SPD’s vest. The last time any legit data on was available to the public regarding Detective caseloads was when SPD published the AIM (Administrative Information Management) data. Frank Straub did away with that right when he hit town, most likely because it was so telling, and you might recall the Shuffle off to Buffalo Meidl and Lundgren did during my meeting with them when I hit them with the absurdity of a six case per month caseload for Detectives.

      The clear majority of Citizens are victims of property crime rather than violent crime and although you must deal with both properly simply from a Community Oriented Policing perspective what property crimes victims like to see is follow-up to their cases and it certainly appears they aren’t getting it now. Ozzie emphasizes that property crimes are down in the County, like they are all over the place. Which is great but there has been a downward trend in overall crime since the late 1990s.

      I still wonder what a Detective with a caseload of 10.8 cases per month does all day. As ICMA pointed out if the SVC went to their own Police Department their property crimes case flow could be handled by 3 Burglary Detectives with a monthly caseload of 12 cases per month, which is still low but is based upon the low SVC case flow. The rest of the PC case flow could easily be handled by 2 additional Detectives with a monthly caseload of 22 per month.

      It is what it is…I guess!

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