This Inlander story is a good read and provides more insight on some of what is going on at SPD.



Heck it is only a violation of our “National Model” “Best in West” OPO Ordinance…. Right?

No harm no foul the Mayor and City Council can move on now, no need to take it any further.




  1. Logue isn’t as “manageable” as SPD brass thought he’d be is he?

    Must say, I am surprised and glad to have been wrong about him. Thought he was a rubber stamp kinda guy. Instead, he seems to be an investigative get to the bottom of HSS kind of guy; he found one thing that didn’t add up and starting looking…leading to more stuff that didn’t add up. Well done Mr. Logue!

    God knows the City Clowncil couldn’t care less what SPD is up to, and the boy mayor is just going through the motions marking time till he can take his next political office. SPD should care but obviously don’t or they would never have put Mrs. Meidl at the helm of IA.

    A fish rots from the head down, Mr. and Mrs. Meidl.

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    1. It looks to me like Logue is doing a real good job. It will be interesting to see how Jacquelyn MacConnell does in her job as the Strategic Initiatives Director. She started Monday and got this dumped in her lap, it has only been a few days but I bet she is wondering what the hell she got herself into, and there is more coming. When I get the McMurtrey video and the IA File it ain’t going to be pretty. There is lots more going on. Another funny thing is SPD knows I have a copy of IA 16-044 that Logue mentions in his letter. Actually the case is kind of funny and had they not tried to hide it probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Of course maybe they think I’m a liar like Ozzie does, or maybe they actually know I’m not because they won’t respond to my emails. Another interesting thing is I believe Mrs. Meidl may still be the Supervisor of the Peer Assistance Team which is where cops go to talk to someone when they are having problems and speak in confidence, now that is one hell of a conflict.

      Since the cop brass read these if she is still with PAT she will probably be gone by tomorrow. 🙂

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      1. And don’t forget his fluff piece on our former ombudsman member, Ms. Dolezal, posing with her pistol cause she was being harassed and black hated on and was afraid. Old Vestal sure lapped those lies up! He’s an opinion columnist and fiction “writer”, not an investigative reporter.


          1. Yup. He got scooped by The CDA Press!
            His adoring fans always make excuses for him…”bbbbut bbbbbut he’s a columnist!” they whine. And what is up with that jumbotron sized hairy image of him on the SledShelia~Review? Someone commented about his nose hairs being visible. I can’t look that close, so hairy, so large, so overblown.

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          2. Had to re-read it…sure I read it when it came out but like most of Vestal’s offerings it is forgettable. Got a chuckle out of this, at the bottom of the page…could explain a lot, or maybe not?

            “Shawn Vestal can be reached at (509) 459-5431 or shawnv@spokesman.com. Follow her on Twitter at @vestal13.”

            Follow “her” on Twitter? WTF????? He’s a she? And so hairy, in an icky way.


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