Since yesterday’s story regarding the “Sanctuary City” issue several people have asked my opinion regarding why the easily obtainable facts in the story were not brought out in the local Mainstream Media.


The truth is, I honestly don’t have an answer. I personally felt they were important facts that needed pointing out and chose to do so to help folks be more informed on the issue. Why other media didn’t feel the need to set the record straight is a question they would have to answer, and not me.

The primary theory expressed by my Liberal friends was that the local MSM is under financed and understaffed to the point that they don’t have the time to do much fact checking. I agree with that to a certain extent.

The primary theory expressed by my Conservative friends is that local reporters and editors are all Liberal and digging into the facts wouldn’t help their agenda. I don’t know that I necessarily agree with that, but certainly when you research their social media accounts it would be easy to draw the conclusion they do, for the most part, have a Liberal bent.

A relatively consistent theory from both sides of the equation was that presenting stories in a particular way helps the clicks which are of paramount importance for selling advertisements. I certainly think that has become true in today’s world especially since more and more print media organizations have seen a considerable downturn in actual newspaper sales and have opted for a strong internet presence as an alternative.

To be perfectly clear this blog is not dependent on clicks, advertising, or subject to editorial review. The only agenda present here is to get the facts and the truth out with absolutely NO CONSIDERATION of a political ideology.

To sum it up…DON’T ASK ME, ASK THEM!!!


2 thoughts on “WHY NO FACT CHECKING???

  1. Fact checking? OR alternative fact checking?

    Look, our City Clowncil will interpret an issue through their liberal lens, facts be damned. And then the spin begins – which is worse than facts/alternative facts imo.

    Remember, this is the gang that “thought” they had standing to impose outrageous fines on rail cars carrying filthy oil through the city. Till they got schooled and bent over by rail road mucky mucks and their fancy schmancy lawyers. And even after Ben Dover Stuckart backed down from the broohaha he had started, Beggs persisted in the folly of finding a way to fine the rail road for carrying legal freight on their own property.

    It’s not so much fact checking or even alternative fact checking and spin, as it is alternative reality. I am convinced that politicians exist in an alternative reality; devoid of facts.

    When it suits their narrative, Spokan’t IS a Sanctuary City. When it doesn’t suit the narrative, we are NOT a Sanctuary City. My reading of statute? We ARE a Sanctuary City and have been for years. But what do I know?

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