Since there are one heck of a lot of Women Marching today, apparently out of fear that Women’s Issues might fall under the radar of our new President, I thought I would update a previous story.


I think we must remember that issues that adversely affect Women aren’t limited to Republicans, and that both Parties have their own problems in addressing them. In the case of Democrats, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and appointed local AG Michael Ormsby, they have their own problems resulting from this case I reported on earlier.


As an update, yesterday new documents were filed in the case that if true don’t look to good for Women in the local office of the US Attorney.


I know most of my readers don’t have access to Court Records like I do so at this point I’m just going to provide you with an opportunity to read the documents filed in US District Court yesterday for free, and I will come back to the case later. These are a long read but at least in my view quite interesting.




3 thoughts on “CHAOS UPDATE II

  1. It is indeed a long read and you might want to provide a list of the players and their positions. It’s immediately obvious that the guy testifying who has no idea what’s going on in the office and can’t remember any details beyond the most recent reading of his own deposition is Mikey.

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