Since when is it someone else’s job to “rebuild trust in the department”? Isn’t that the job of a Police Chief?





City Councilman Breean Beggs said Thursday that Spokane needs an outside agency to help rebuild trust in the department following the protracted hiring process of the new police chief.



Councilmember Beggs, you abstained from voting to confirm Craig Meidl so now are you saying that the other Councilmembers Fagan, Mumm, Waldref, Stuckart, and Kinnear, were wrong when they voted to confirm Craig Meidl? You must be, because throughout the “protracted hiring process” the candidates were time and time again asked how they personally would “rebuild trust in the department” and time and time again Craig Meidl went through a litany of clichés yet didn’t seem to know what he actually would do to rebuild trust, and now he admits he can’t handle what was supposed to be the number one priority for the new Chief of Police so we are going to throw even more money at trying to “rebuild trust in the department”? How much in the last 10 years have we already spent?


According to the Councilmembers who tried to justify their yes vote on Meidl, there is nothing to worry about since we have the good ole COPS/DOJ folks are watching over SPD, and SPD is working hard at complying with their recommendations as well as those of the Use of force Commission. So why in the hell do we need yet another outside agency or consultant to do the job of the Chief of Police?





“It’s been 10 years since Otto Zehm died, and five years since Karl Thompson was convicted, and there are still all these wounds and divides,” Beggs said. “On our own, we haven’t been able to get rid of those.”



Well of course, and the answer is simple! No one ever did a damn thing to address the issue! Time and time again the rhetoric from Condon, Stephens, Straub, Dobrow, McDevitt, et al was “It happened, no big deal, put it behind, and move forward”. Which of course is exactly the same rhetoric coming from the mouths of City Councilmembers who voted yes on Meidl despite the fact his Salute, and email were disqualifiers for another independent group who made recommendations as to what qualities a new Chief of Police SHOULD HAVE, and most importantly SHOULD NOT HAVE!


If you recall during the “protracted hiring process” and all of the various interviews with Meidl he stated, he even offered to take a demotion as a result of his participation in the Salute because he was the ranking officer present. Who did he make the offer to… did the CC ask him?




The majority of the Spokane City Council has been played like a fiddle by Mayor Condon since he took office, and it began when Condon ignored the City Charter and appointed Kyle Twohig, of Sneva Snowboard fame, to be the City Engineer. Of course without hesitations the City Council approved the appointment of Kevin Twohig’s kid.

Mayor Condon continues his successful quest to ignore the City Charter, get rid of, or bypass Civil Service and all with the aid of the Spokane City Council.




“The panel’s purpose is to avoid a conflict of interest: Meidl’s wife, Tracie Meidl, was temporarily promoted to captain in July by Jim McDevitt, who was serving as law enforcement director.”


“The panel will include interim Human Resources Director Chris Cavanaugh, City Manager Tim Dunivant, police Lt. Justin Lundgren, former interim police Chief Rick Dobrow and human resources analyst Meghann Steinolfson.”


*** I need some help! Is Chief Meidl’s good buddy Justin Lundgren, a “Lt.”, a Major, or an Assistant Chief of Police? The last time I talked to him he was a Major.


“Chief Meidl is a man of impeccable integrity,” said Maj. Justin Lundgren.”




Public Safety Committee, August 15, 2016

Meeting minutes: meeting called to order at 1:31pm.


PSC Members Present: Chair CM Kinnear, CM Stratton, CM Beggs, CM Mumm, CM Fagan, CM Beggs

Staff/Others Present: Chief Meidl, Assistant Chief Lundgren, Chief Williams, Assist. Chief Brian Schaeffer, Captain Eric Olsen, Ombudsman Bart Logue, Sue Raymon, Officer Hamilton, K9 Dietz

Approval of minutes: CM Mumm made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from July 18, 2016; M/S by CM Beggs; passed unanimously.

CM Kinnear read a presentation of appreciation for our Police Department in light of recent violent events surrounding Police Departments around the country.







It all makes sense when you consider this!


1) HR Director Christine Cavanaugh, was Heather Lowe’s go to person before Lowe beat feet and ran because of the Cotton/Straub Affair, and then was appointed by Mayor Condon to replace Lowe. Of course since she is married to Mike Cavanaugh brother of Joe Cavanaugh the President of the City’s largest employee union, Local 270 so that could be a conflict that doesn’t seem to be a bother to anyone including the CC.



2) City Manager Tim Dunivant, got his big promotion from Mayor Condon back in January…good for him!


Well…maybe not so good?


No wonder Mayor Condon and the City Council prefers the Spokesman Review to the Inlander!


3) Police Lt. Justin Lundgren, aside from being Meidl’s good buddy who the hell is this guy, and what rank is he on the SPD?


4) Former interim police Chief Rick Dobrow, did you ever wonder why this guy keeps showing up over and over when it comes to Meidl, even to Meidl’s big out at the North Precinct, even though he left SPD?



5) Human resources analyst Meghann Steinolfson, another one of Heather Lowe’s go to gals involved in the Cotton/Straub Affair, and of course along with Craig Meidl was the individual who mediated the Furniture-gate for the City.


There were several important witnesses who declined to participate in the investigation.

They include:

Frank Straub

Monique Cotton

Nancy Isserlis

Erin Jacobson

Pat Dalton

Mary Muramatsu

Meghann Steinolfson

Selby Smith



I Just Can’t Help Myself!!














“If the new chief decides to keep those positions, they would come under the city’s civil service rules. Olsen and King could apply for them through the civil service process, which involves passing a test that is designed for the position and being placed on a list from which the new chief can choose. Applicants who pass the test are placed on the list in order of their scores, and the fact that they temporarily held the job would not give them a higher spot on the list, said Gita George-Hatcher, chief examiner for the city Civil Service Commission.”


All of those staffing decisions would be at the discretion of the new chief after conversations with Mayor David Condon, city spokesman Brian Coddington said.








  1. Brian, Just to clarify, interim Human Resources Director Chris Cavanaugh is married to Mike Cavanaugh, brother of Joe Cavanaugh.


  2. I await your documentation Sled. And let’s start when the bell rings in the first round, not the third or fourth round when Breen ‘outed’ you and Sheila. Not holding my breath…

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    1. Let’s go back even farther. Years before the SR used Disqus. Ask Ron Wright. He is the first online persona that I know of that Breen harassed first and then outed. And he was a fellow Cop.


        1. I actually make my decisions based upon by whom I’m attacked and how I’m attacked. Frauds are Frauds, Liars are Liars, no matter how old or what physical condition they are in. Any time you want to find out exactly what kind of a man I am let me know. You are obviously CS! 🙂

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          1. No, chicken shit is going after an elderly woman in a wheel chair. Funny, you sound like Trump. Talk shit all you want and when you get called out for it you claim to be the victim.

            Very lame, Brian. But par for the course I suppose….


            1. I have followed this little drama from the beginning and would like to point out that the first punches were thrown by you and your pal. Your own repeated lies and evasions sound a lot like another current political candidate, the unindicted felon and her rapist husband.

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              1. BS, the first punches were thrown by your boy Brian. All well documented, “Sam”. That’s why your Boy got banned, “Sam”. The Spokesman Review even changed their commenting system to keep your BOY and his harassment off their website. You a punk just like him, eh?


            2. I have actually arrested elderly women in wheel chairs, and men. so no big deal to me.

              Since you want to play, I’ll just put together a perjury case and the other years of back taxes she owes, you of course will be listed as a witness, and can explain all the various times you have been to the house on Rowan to corroborate the neighbors statements.

              Keep in mind this was your play not mine!

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  3. Re: “not getting a nickle of it!”
    I know, despite your considerable costs to do all those PRRs.
    Good. On. You.

    Looking forward to reading more, when you can disclose.

    And yes, the incredibly shrinking and increasingly irrelevant Sled~Review could have done the same thing but didn’t. They aren’t about to attack their golden boy!

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        1. In your dreams Nena. You are about 20 years too old for my tastes. You shouldn’t let people live rent free in your head (Sled-Review).


          1. You know what would happen to dipsticks like Sled in the Army, right? Perpetual Blanket Parties! Yes. He’s THAT guy.

            The Sled~Review must have gobs of time on their hands now that they don’t have to babysit their L’enfant terrible Andrew Lee Scheldt. I wonder how they are spending it?

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              1. You heard wrong, Brian. Nice try though. And I already know the outcome of your BS complaint to the assessor. You really are a piece of work. But just like Trump, your narcissism doesn’t even allow you to see the obvious. And like Trump, you will take yourself down. Ironic, eh?


              2. Quite the deal…eh? Have your house foreclosed on, inherit Jason’s house when he dies free and clear, run up an open line of credit with it as collateral, live at Matt’s house, rent the other one out, get a low income/disabled exemption for taxes you signed under oath, get caught because of a “friend” that does nothing but shoot his mouth off to get attention only cares about trying to be somebody…but can’t, and is so CS that he is afraid of a little old man.

                Here is what you did to your friend so far tough guy…I wonder how much the next one will be.

                Oh…and remember her BS story about losing all of her big inheritance to the EPA…poor girl…with friends like you who needs enemies?

                You should read the WSP investigation of her… do you want to read it tough guy?


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              3. Oooooooh, the weak old man and his threats. Go for it fucker, I could care less WTF you say anymore. You are irrelevant. Your dumbass has been removed from the Spokesman and here you rest in your little shit hole of the interwebs. Later shit head.


              4. And you are full of crap, Nena. You forget that you commented on the SR about being at the Meidl show AND that it was broadcasted on the Cities website. Lol. Gosh, you and Breen, birds of a feather. Have a nice day 🙂


          2. Of course it is killing him. Now he comes here to start fights just for the attention. He was not the topic of this article nor of the thread that evolved from it. Yet, he came on to the thread and started flinging his Sled poop all over the place. What. A. Pathetic. Loser.

            His attempts to do the same on the increasingly irrelevant and fast shrinking Sled~Review get shut down. There’s a different crowd commenting now that every thread isn’t about what a victim Andy is and the mods aren’t removing comments that Andy calls them and complains about. It’s not all about Andy 24/7/365, and that’s gotta hurt after all he and SR meant to each other. I mean, he spends more time posting worthless opinions on irrelevant websites than he does anything else.

            And so, with the change at the Sled~Review, he is reduced to coming here to basically ask for it. Nay, beg for it! LOL!

            Hasn’t he learned by now that when you mess with the Buff you get the horn? Oh, also he is seeking out someone he claims to want nothing to do with. Claims to be the “victim” of harassment. Claims that he had to change his name on a public commenting forum because he was afraid for his child and his own safety. Claims which are all unsubstantiated and made up to justify his perpetual victimhood, no matter the subject.

            Andy has been caught in so many lies that one would think he’d be embarrassed. But he isn’t. He has no boundaries and is completely reactionary in his manner of (what passes for) thinking. One reason it is so easy to get him riled. I used to like to drop a line and watch him hit it…LOL! Sometimes I’d even tell him to “spit out the hook!” Totally. Set. Up.

            At any rate…as always Buff, it’s been fun! And at least he isn’t calling himself Moby Dick anymore!

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            1. Lol. My original comment was I bet it’s Killing your boy to not be able to comment on the $50k he’s taking from me and every other tax payer in this city. He deflected to Shelia and began his “I’m gonna trash your friend more” crap. You and he are so narcissistic it’s hilarious. You both admit to harassing for the enjoyment of it and then cry when you get called out for it. Hypocrite much, Nena?


              1. Lol. There was a time when it really did piss me off. Now I just laugh at you two. And boy, what a ghost town this blog was the last two weeks. I make one comment and BAM. You get traffic. Hmmmmmmm…ironic 🙂


              2. Yes, Rick must be so proud he represented serial PRR’r who harasses old women in a wheelchair. Curious, what’s his cut of the $50k? And why settle? Doesn’t Condon and the City admit no guilt if they settle?


  4. Notice the article about your 50K settlement is closed to comments on the incredibly shrinking and increasingly irrelevant Sled~Review. Congratulations! You broke about even with your expenditures!

    Keep at ’em Buff!

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    1. Wish I could say more but I can’t right now… I will though later! 🙂 Not surprising no one was allowed to comment. Keep in mind the SR could have done the same thing I did…but didn’t.

      As far as 50K I’m not getting a nickel of it!

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