The Craig Meidl Show was just that “A SHOW”.


I spent a lot of time preparing questions based upon the public records in my possession, I knew the true answers to most of the questions but the “Show” only allowed a person to ask ONE question and absolutely no follow-up questions. Hell…my lawyer even tried to slip more than one in and got cut off. Then we were told that there would be a second round where we could again ask ONE question with all the folks there wanting to ask questions, coupled with Meidl’s propensity for long winded non-answers sprinkled with references to his religious beliefs it was obvious, not only had I been had, but so had the community.


Now don’t get me wrong about Meidl’s Religious Beliefs. I believe very much in God, but there are two things in particular that have NO BUSINESS what so ever in Law Enforcement and they are Religion and Politics. It troubles me to no end when a police officer goes on and on about his religious beliefs, the place for that is at Home or in Church but NOT in discussions concerning Law Enforcement. I thought for a minute there we actually were in Church.


I got there real early along with my wife and was the first one signed up to ask questions so I went first. Prior to that the “Moderator” told the audience THE RULES which were…ONLY ONE QUESTION…then you could wait around until everyone else gets their ONE QUESTION in and ask ONE MORE QUESTION. I pitched a minor bitch knowing full well it would go nowhere so I walked up to the podium and said to Craig Meidl… “You lucked out!”. If you watch the replay of the “SHOW” on Chanel 5 you can see the big smile Craig Meidl cracked after I said that.


I had to hurriedly decide what question to ask. So I asked Meidl he had any help with or cleared the public statement he made after his involvement with the Salute. He denied it and when I brought up an email he sent to Mayor Mary Verner indicating the statement had been cleared by Marlene Feist his response was that he would have to see it. I had a packet prepared with all my documents and was ready, willing and able to show him the email…but the “Moderator” immediately cut me off. I did was able to sneak in a question asking Meidl if he was aware I did a PRR on the Salute, he said he wasn’t. So I gave the packet of documents and a copy of my 29 questions to Councilwoman Kinnear in hopes that at some point they will review the documents and ask the questions…we shall see. I should note that when I asked my ONE QUESTION of Meidl I incorrectly said Marilyn Feist instead of Marlene Feist…don’t worry as soon as I returned to my seat next to my wife she, as she often does, corrected me. I knew when my wife asked me if we were really going to stick around just to ask ONE MORE QUESTION that we would be out soon and we were since sticking around served no real purpose in trying to get the truth out.


Here is the email I was referring to:

Meidl to Verner


The problem with only being allowed ONE QUESTION and no follow-ups questions is that it isn’t fair to either party as there is no opportunity to clarify… but I guess you have to play by their rules.


Everything was not lost however! I did have a nice discussion with Mike Fagan, was able to joke around with Karen Stratton and Ben Stuckart about schools we went to, and got to see Big Wally one of the cops I use to work with. The Mayor wasn’t there but I did manage to listen to one side of a phone conversation he was having with Brian Coddington in a back room…I know sneaky…right?


Heck even my buddy Andy Scheldt was there, although I didn’t know that until I got home and watched the SHOW on TV. Andy even asked a decent question. I don’t know why Andy didn’t come up and say hello. 🙂


Looks like I will have to answer the 29 questions right here and include some of the documents… of course to be honest…I already knew the answers to most of the questions anyway.



*** My old AmeriCorps Kitara asked a good question Meidl never did answer I wish I would have known she was there too.


Stay Tuned!



8 thoughts on “I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!!!

  1. Well, two hours of my life wasted for this SHOW. Of course I suspected as much, having been to many of these pageants in my day. Even though I got a chuckle or two over some of the non-answer answers.

    And one answer that actually did address the question of (following disclosure of “the e-mail”) how is Meidl planning on moving the department forward? The presumed Chief mentioned several points, staffing study, community outreach, etc… and he also suggested he’d work on leading the department back to the policing glory days of Chief Terry Magnan.

    I’m all for that! Magnan had success in over hauling the department and from what I’ve read of the era was generally well liked and respected. HOWEVER…Meidl is no Magnan. And is not the person that should be our Chief of Police.

    Liked how Brian Breen trapped Meidl in a lie first question out at the SHOW! It was all down hill from there…LOL! 😉

    OH another observation, Andy sure is grey!

    Keep after ’em Buff!

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    1. Since I’m writing my next story I haven’t had a chance yet to count the number of times Meidl mentioned, no funding, not enough money for all these whiz bang ideas of Straub’s but I know there were lots so…you know what that means?

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  2. I know you were not surprised of the way the SHOW was handled, I was not either. I wish I was back home to watch it. Thank you Brian for bringing us the truth, as It seems that no one else will in Spokane will

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