This story is somewhat of a teaser for another story I am working on that ultimately involves our local criminal justice and law enforcement systems, but given this is a Presidential Election year and a lot of questions regarding the two front runners have come up I thought my readers both Liberal and Conservative alike would be interested in some of the things I’m finding as they relate to the national scene.

Please keep in mind that I don’t have a political ideology and could care less which group my stories might rub the wrong way. Also keep in mind that the story I am working on involves individuals that are on opposite sides of the political spectrum yet maintain a close relationship and both were involved in the River Park Square Case. You in all likelihood will not find other local media outlets covering this…but I will.

This SR story might give you some clues as to where I’m headed.




The story I’m working on involves a lot of document analysis, interviews and good old gumshoe so it will take some time and of course some players will refuse to grant interviews.


In reviewing documents, I ran across this which immediately struck me in light of the ongoing FBI Investigation of Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. This is a mere snippet of the documents available, and the documents in the link are lengthy but I wanted to provide them so you can draw your own conclusions as to whether or not the threat of criminal charges was an effort to intimidate. Criminal charges, by the way were never filed. I should also note that the Government fought to have documents like this excluded from the court file, however the Judge in the case decided they should be. IMO it is obvious why the Government didn’t want the documents public.

Charges Bolton





When you weigh what is alleged Hilary Clinton did in comparison to what is alleged Bolton did in this case…boy you have to wonder.


Lots more to come!




  1. I can bet you this BB, the management in that office ate mostly democrats since the head attorney is appointed by a Democratic President Obama. You don’t get those positions without buying them by paying a lot of money to the party. So with that being said I would bet you those same bosses going after Bolton are supporting ole Ms. Hillary Clinton and I would also say they are giving money to her campaign and the democratic platform. Being that they are so informed on the law based on their letters they would actually be supporting what I believe is organized crime by the Clinton name. This is Hypocrisy at its best and the pot calling the kettle black. Just a microcosm of the disgusted national level politics.

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