I have received a number of questions basically asking… “What the hell are you doing?”

Maybe this will kind of explain it (absent holdbacks of course)!

I sent this email to Teresa Fuller today in an effort to get some understanding regarding how the IA Website is going to be handled in the interest of the Public. As a member of the media I don’t mind doing a PRR, even though it does add to the burden of the City Clerk’s Office. My thought is that it would be helpful to the Public who actually want to read what went on and draw their own conclusions. I actually thought that was the intent of posting the IA Investigations. I don’t mind reporters picking aspects of an IA Report that they think are important and writing a story from it, it’s just that sometimes I might or the Public might see something that they feel is significant. That is why I always try to give you the links so you can make your own judgement. So I hope everyone including Officer Fuller realize some of what I’m doing here.



Fuller email 1

Fuller email 2



We shall see!



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