As Mayor Condon is.


You try and find something positive to hold a big press conference on.








The Mayor knows he will get a positive piece with his friends at the SR and positive press will deflect from the very negative press he is getting in the Inlander and in this media outlet. The Mayor can also rest assured that any negative press regarding him will be filtered and sugarcoated by the SR.

Here is one of many examples that clearly show the SR has no interest in going after the truth and the facts surrounding the Condon Administration.

This Inlander story was published on February 18th, 2016. The story is very important from the standpoint of what has been happening at City Hall including all of the lawsuits coming from mismanagement of the Spokane Police Department even though it is important has anyone read any of the details in the SR? Considering the Inlander and the SR often use the others stories in their reporting the big question is why given the importance of the Inlander story why hasn’t the SR picked up on it? Is it because the story makes Mayor Condon look very, very bad?


Certainly we cannot blame Mayor Condon for the appointment of Heather Lowe as the Director of Human Resources, she was appointed by Mary Verner, and at the time of the appointment a number of folks including myself were concerned about her complete lack of Public Sector Human Resources experience. There is a big difference between handling HR issues with folks that work on air conditioners, and cars as opposed to dealing with Public Employees including Cops. The people with those concerns were of course exactly right as history and payouts have proven, with even more payouts to come. You have to ask yourself why Mayor Condon has yet to throw Heather Lowe under the bus, or is that soon to come?








To really complicate matters Heather Lowe’s husband Jeff Lowe became an SPD cop for a short time which created a conflict of interest for her as the Director of Human Resources investigating anything to do with the Spokane Police Department. I should add that sources have told me the hiring of Jeff Lowe at SPD was odd at best.


Fuller email


BTW, Officer Fuller the SPD Public Information Officer still hasn’t responded to my last email to her which leads me to believe either she is very, very busy or for some reason she doesn’t want me to do a story on the facts surrounding the keeping of a “Brady Cop” by Frank Straub and Mayor Condon.


My last email to Fuller



On a side note:

I hope a frequent commenter on the SR website “square_root” got the message I had someone send along regarding his question of whether or not BB attended the public CompStat Dog and Pony Show. Sometime this week “square_root” and others may find out why it would have been a waste of time. The SR thinking it was me of course deleted the info.



Square root comment








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