Not much to update, I’m still waiting for text messages and or Nissen Affidavits from folks like Mayor Condon, Teresa Sanders, and Nancy Isserlis, but heck I’ve only been waiting since September 5th, 2015.


So far I haven’t been provided with any documents regarding City Prosecutor Lynden Smithson that demonstrate there was the least bit of City Internal Investigation as to how he was involved in a large scale Federal Drug Case, which is interesting when you consider Captain Arleth is apparently still the subject of an SPD Internal Investigation over furniture.

I still haven’t heard back from PIO Teresa Fuller on why the Lydia Taylor steroid investigation hasn’t been made public, and if I have to do a PRR to get the investigation or it will finally be posted. It makes me wonder why that investigation was never posted for the citizens to read, especially with an issue like steroids and the Condon and Straub decision to keep a “Brady Cop” on the job at play…weird eh?

Of course maybe the City Clerk’s Office is backlogged since Mayor Condon is requiring them to file PRRs if they want information about how he is running the City.

Me to Fuller





6 thoughts on “PRR UPDATE!!

  1. So I’ve been pondering your discussions on these Nissen affidavits (thanks for the education) and keep coming to: what’s the point? It doesn’t seem like anyone would voluntarily cough up incriminating text messages and one would assume they’d long ago deleted anything they didn’t want going public, regardless of the laws. So how would anyone know whether they were honest on their affidavits (assuming they every actually get around to signing one)? Can old messages be restored by phone companies by subpoena?

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    1. Yes the text messages can be recovered from the service provider’s server, it is done all the time. Sure anyone can lie on their Nissen Affidavits but the problem they have in doing so is that if text messages show up later during the course of an investigation and it shows they were dishonest on the Nissen Affidavit there could be big ramifications. A private citizen doesn’t have subpoena powers but law enforcement agencies do, as does the “Independent Investigation” being conducted by the City Council. If the CC investigation subpoenaed text messages from the service providers of the various players as is SOP and those records show there were in fact text messages which weren’t provided via my PRR then someone is in trouble. That is likely the delay in me getting the Nissen Affidavits I requested. Mayor Condon admitted while he was on the Mike Fitzsimmons radio show along with Rick Dobrow that he and Frank Straub were going over their text messages regarding Cotton/Straub and assured me I would get his text messages. I have not received a Nissen Affidavit, text messages, or other documents from Condon, Straub, or Sanders who are key players. I also understand there are recordings of the Fitzsimmons radio show floating around which makes it even more problematic for Condon….we shall see.

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      1. thanks so much for the explanations and background you provide on this blog. I have pretty much completely given up expecting local print media to print or support any real investigative journalism pieces regarding local affairs (except maybe an occasional inlander article)

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  2. You report.
    I cuss.

    I still think Sanders is behind “Furniture Gate”… so yeah, dissing the mayor’s main gal over used office furniture is more serious than slinging steroids and being a Brady Cop; just so you know.

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