When you are an “Investigative Reporter”, “Muckraker”,  which ever you prefer, you never know what you might come across. Given the new age of technology with things like Facebook, Twitter, and the millions of Blogs we have now days, I thought my readers would enjoy this especially considering all the trials and tribulations of the Spokane Police Department.






3 thoughts on “THE THINGS YOU FIND!!!

  1. Goodness, if she is going to get her rant on I suggest spell check and learning the difference between your and the contraction you’re. Strange that a post on a Facebook gets an IA look and punishment but the stuff that Lydia and Mel were/are involved in get a pass. Illegal steroid dealing and use anyone?

    You report; I cuss.

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    1. As far as spelling is concerned I’m terrible…maybe it has something to do with being a Cop, or maybe I should have paid more attention in Spokane Hutchinson’s English Class…:)

      If folks only knew half of what has been swept under the rug…they would cuss too! 🙂

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