I thought I would end 2015 with what will hopefully be my last story mentioning our infamous Rachael Dolezal…but no guarantees…if something else comes up.

For those that don’t remember Rachael Dolezal, Adrian Dominquez, and Kevin Berkompas all three members of the Office of Police Ombudsman Commission were investigated and subsequently removed or resigned from the OPOC when an investigation revealed misconduct. One of the misconduct allegations was that they were having secret meetings with Frank Straub. Of course Spokane hit the national laughing stock spotlight again over the issue which seems to be what we do here all too often.


As my readers know I have been a real critic of the OPO and the OPOC from day one. My criticism stems from the contract Mayor Condon and Frank Straub negotiated with the Police Guild which gives SPD, as well as the Mayor’s Administration, complete control of both. The only way out of the Contract will be when a new one is signed, and a City Council is in place to fight for a contract consistent with the City Charter.


Throughout the Document Dump I have received as a result of my recent PRR regarding Cotton/Straub I have found evidence that supports my position regarding the OPO and OPOC. Today’s story deals with just a very small portion of what I have but in my view is great material for a New Year’s Eve Story, especially for folks that have had a few.




On Wed. 6/24/15 at 10:34 AM, Adam McDaniel, Council President Stuckart’s aide, emails the appropriated people regarding the resignation of Adrian Dominquez and attaches a copy of Dominquez’s resignation letter. Interestingly McDaniel does not copy Frank Straub.


On Wed. 6/24/15 at 10:41 AM, Nancy Isserlis forwards a copy of McDaniel’s email to Frank Straub.

Isserslis to Straub 10 41



On Wed. 6/24/15 at 10:43 AM, Frank Straub responds “Thank you”

Straub thank you 1043


On Wed. 6/24/ 15 at 11:25 AM, Nancy Isserlis responds to Straub, stating “Leopards and spots come to mind”


L and S 1125


On Wed. 6/24/15 at 11:25 AM, Frank Straub quickly responds “For sure”

For sure


I’ll let you draw your own conclusions regarding these emails, aside from the lack of Professionalism, I’ve drawn my own conclusions but have the advantage of even more email interactions.





I’ve made two attempts so far to obtain comments from both Mayor Condon and Nancy Isserlis to no avail. I wonder what the Vegas odds are of me ever getting one. Perhaps if other local reporters were to ask they would get a comment, or maybe not.


I have determined that the City Council was NOT informed why Lynden Smithson was placed on paid administrative leave, perhaps they will ask why.

I have found some very interesting relationships regarding Mr. Smithson, but I want to wait and see what info I get if from the PRR I submitted regarding his paid administrative leave before I do a story.





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