For those that haven’t been following my “PRR War” you should know that Ms. Pfister’s original estimate for completing my Public Records Request was ONE YEAR. It quickly jumped to TWO YEARS. Now we are up to THREE YEARS.

So I guess the question is; “Will I be around?” to actually receive the final response to my Public Records Request?  🙂








  1. RE: Shelalalalalalalalalalalalal
    I sensed bull dookey in her frequent claims of being a decoy for the Coe rape investigations and other wild claims of self-puffery but had no idea what a fraudster she is. Good grief!
    No wonder she and Sledneck are pals. Birds of a feather flock together.

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  2. RE: Blocked on the Sled~Review Twitter Feed

    What? Why would they block a fellow journalist? And just what are they so afraid of over at the Tower?

    Gee, if the mods, minders, and managers get anymore thin skinned they’ll be nothing more than muscle and sinew over bones; not a pretty picture. Any comment complaining about the Sled~Review gets the comment removed and depending on who it is, their account killed. Americans have always railed against the gubmint and the press and we always will…the Sled~Review’s first obligation is to legacy wealth and their inner circle of pals not their dwindling readership. The swell paper proved that by withholding information regarding the mayor until after the election. It was more important that Davy be re-elected than for the voting electorate to be fully informed.

    Sick making.

    Please don’t be deterred, Buff. Keep at ’em!
    ; )

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    1. I’m pretty hard to deter, and they aren’t even close yet. I’m thinking more along the lines of the SSS Review. Sled-Sheila, Spokesman Review. Shelia Chase “Shelalal” was allowed to tell some more big whoopers on there today, and when “Passing By” methodically pointed each one out they were deleted. I find it odd that the SR mods allow people to tell great big whoppers all the time in the comments section and when they are pointed out by certain people they delete them. Of course it’s nice to have screenshots to show the discrimination. Of course the town clown and keyboard commando Andrew Scheldt “Sled” tried to start something but it didn’t work for him. A bigger coward there isn’t.

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  3. It does give her plenty on time to search for another time delaying loophole. I fear the city is hoping for a terminal solution with you. Thank you sincerely for the time you have spent and the knowledge we have gained.

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  4. Regarding that wait for the rest of the records, thank goodness the young Nickle Nick, star reporter for the Sled~Review and guardian of truth, justice, and the American Way, will still be doggedly working on the story!

    Well, I first predicted you’d get the stuff a little over 1/2 way in to the mayor’s second term. Now it looks as if you’ll get it when his term is nearly done, IF you get it at all.

    Nothing to see here…move along, now move along.

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