These are just great fun and go to the heart of Andy’s complete lack of credibility in the Community, and with some of the folks in high places that he thinks have respect for him but in reality think he is a complete fool. Keep in mind these represent just a very small portion of the lying phony comments our Jewish fellow, Andy, has continually made in the SR Comments Section.

Andy is the type of guy every honest Liberal wants to stay as far away from as they can!


Of course Andy is at his wits end with the “Up-Vote Bandit” so what does the idiot do?

Sled Posting Image of Cebula upvoter


Real Smart Andy… I bet Larry Cebula really appreciated you posting that screenshot!


This is the after when someone figured out just how stupid our guy Andy is!

Cebula after post


This one is hilarious! Remember all the denials our friend Andy made as Sled, Slednek, and other personas about NOT having a Twitter account?

I don't have a twitter account





I love this one because it demonstrates how two documented frauds and liars try to cover for each other when one of them screw up and is easily caught.

Our new pup before


***Notice how Sheila Chase jumps in to try and save Andy’s ass from getting caught, but it is too late he was already caught. Right Andy “pigs ears” and “Root Beer floats” … at which house Andy the one on Elgin or the one on Rowan?


OOOPs… we got to get rid of that one quick!!!

3 k pup after



I wish I had more time to devote to Andy, Sheila, and Hilary but “Rosey” wants me to get going again on my document work.






  1. I would like to see your post about the vitriol. Please reveal who uses the most insults and name calling. I am not a very profane person, believe it or not, although I am not adverse to throwing in a a wtf or mf now and then, especially to the likes of you :).

    But let’s see who is more prone to vitriol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi “Rosey”, THANK YOU!!!… again for following my Blog so closely!

      “I would like to see your post about the vitriol.”

      It is kind of on the backburner for now, I’ve got some other things going. Maybe when I get through researching all of your Facebook friends…wow have you got some interesting FBFs, some of whom comment on the SR site. Which reminds me… Do you think Kate Lyons was just kidding when she said “if you can’t go, send lawyers, guns and money…lol” in regards to the Native American protests of the pipeline? I’m surprised a Liberal anti-gun violence Liberal Person would suggest sending “guns” to assist the protest. A bit hypocritical if you ask me.

      “Please reveal who uses the most insults and name calling.”

      It looks to me from just a cursory glance that it is pretty even up between Liberals and Conservatives with a few on each side that are the insult, name calling, standard bearers. If you want me to include bashing, I’ll have to include your hypocritical comments about the sexual orientation of “Old Sarge” which were IMO gay bashing and could leave one to believe you have a bias against gay people. Remember that one? You Liberals sure don’t like David Bray, and the exchanges between Bray, yourself, and other Liberals like “squareroot” are almost legendary. It also looks to me like the Liberal side has the most commenters overall but I haven’t had a chance to actually count, one of these days I will.

      “I am not a very profane person, believe it or not, although I am not adverse to throwing in a a wtf or mf now and then, especially to the likes of you.”

      Actually you don’t seem to be very profane from your comments, I like that in a “lady”. As far as “wtf or mf” directed at me…I have no problem with that and the line is long. As you might expect I’m used to it, and I am not averse to using a GFY every now and then myself.

      BTW: I should mention that I love the Colville, Chewelah, Valley, area, not only do I have a lot of contacts up there and worked a few cases up there, my mother lived there for a while not far from your house before they moved to Spokane and she married my father. Beyond that my uncle Ray Breen owned Ray’s Tavern in Valley forever. If you ever spent any time at the Larry Palanio’s Pizza Parlor in Chewelah when it was operating there was a big picture of my uncle Ray in his hockey goalie gear above the fireplace in the restaurant. The thing about those small towns is that “secrets” are known by everyone, as you know.

      I really do appreciate you and your friends following my Blog, it is an honor to have you.


      1. “It is kind of on the backburner for now, I’ve got some other things going. Maybe when I get through researching all of your Facebook friends…wow have you got some interesting FBFs, some of whom comment on the SR site.”

        What a fucking loon you are.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ha, Foxy. I’m glad you enjoy my friends. I’m sure you’ve heard the classic by Warren Zevon “Lawyers, Guns and Money” If not, I’ll post it here, if I may.

        I’m not as familiar with the south part of the county. As your research probably revealed, most of my time in Stevens County has been in the Northport area, although my Colville time is catching up. I’ve never been to Ray’s. But, I’ve known a few hockey players. If I knew then what I know now, I’d suggest finding another sport that doesn’t cause so much brain damage.

        I love gays. I got a chuckle out of Old Sarge getting excited over that redhead tied to the tracks. That’s all. 😉

        I know you like visits to your blog. I’m glad I can help.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Warren Zevon isn’t my type of music. Yes I know about Northport.

          ” If I knew then what I know now, I’d suggest finding another sport that doesn’t cause so much brain damage”

          See that is a problem you have Rosey, you stereotype people, not a good practice. I know many former hockey players who are MDs, Lawyers, and even Politicians. Of course you could be right about at least one…our current Secretary of State who used to play hockey. 🙂

          Always nice to hear from you Rosey. I hope you refrain from mentioning my name again on the SR Site… here of course there is no problem.



  2. A perpetual victim calling someone else a victim? Good one “Anonymous.” I’m just going to assume that Anonymous is Andy a.k.a. sled. Congrats on being brave enough to come out to defend yourself. If it isn’t Andy, then I take back the credit mentioned last sentence.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m surprised that the S-R hasn’t converted its commenting format from Disqus to Facebook because everybody’s on Facebook…


    1. I would think that would be a good idea. The tone might change a bit. Anyone can however make up a phony Facebook page and many do, cops, private citizens, businesses, news media, political campaigns etc. The SR’s problem is they allow some people to say whatever they want, and others not so much. Very few people on the SR site use their real names. David Bray, a Conservative, is one and he is always the target of crap from the Liberal posters, including some people that have posted some things they have found on the internet via Google. I don’t always agree with Bray but he is at least willing not to try and hide who he is. The fact is, as I’ve said over and over, there is no real way to hide ones identity on the internet anyone can ID a person and find out whatever they want.

      In reality there are only a small number of people who use the SR comments site, but in some cases it does supply leads for reporters and others, and although some politicians follow it and think it is a bell weather, when you do the math, clearly it isn’t.

      The SR has a history of banning a number of individuals besides myself who have been critical of them which I actually think is kind of funny and is well documented their distain for me and my criticism is well documented in email exchanges only one of which I have posted on this site. The reporters read all the comments to get some idea of what people thought of their story, and commenters often point out mistakes that have to be corrected which is a good thing, although the basis for the correction isn’t always attributed.

      Here is an interesting thesis paper you should ask Kipp Hill about! 🙂



      Liked by 1 person

      1. The SledShelia~Review is just that. They and their posse violate the terms of agreement multiple times daily and get away with it; others? with a more conservative leaning? likely get banned or have their posts removed for, essentially, engaging in the same behavior that the SledShelia~Review Gang are given a pass on. I know it is a private site, their site their rules but there is not even a pretense of being even handed with how comments are moderated. Conservatives need not apply. OR go ahead and apply and get bullied and used as a punching bag by the SledShelia~Review Gang.

        Oh, and as always…POOR POOR POOR Sled.

        Liked by 1 person

            1. Got any examples, missy? I bet you would have to go back a ways to find one and it would most likely be a counter to david’s pathetic attacks on anyone who doesn’t agree with him. Yes, we make fun of him for his oh poor me-liberals are stupid-I know more than you do-you nailed it, friend pity party. And his inability to comprehend basic math.

              Of course you don’t mention how david goes on an unhinged rampage everyday to try and take out every commenter who expresses an liberal point of view.

              Will wait for the proof that led you to “I. Rest. My. Case.”

              Did you get banned again? Who were you this time?

              Welcome back. This blog was getting stale without you.



              1. Hello…”Rosey” nice to see you following along, and thanks for not using my name recently on the SR site recently. Just so you know I have been contemplating a story demonstrating the vitriol back and forth between Liberals and Conservatives on the SR site, complete with screenshots. If you think that is a priority I’ll try and fit it in early. Some of the name calling and things like POS, WTF, Idiot, etcetera is remarkable when you consider the alleged intellect supposedly involved. I would like to stay away from that here if you don’t mind, so please keep it half way clean. You might be interested in knowing that good ole “Rosehips” is quite the popular person on my sight. She sure has a lot of interesting friends! 🙂


          1. “Anonymous”… I’m happy to see you following along also. Are referring to me as a “fraud”… no problem… but you should always check the documentation. Make sure you keep it nice with other posters on this site please, as for me take your best shot. Me a victim?… Nah, I never let that happen. BTW “Rosehips” is not even a close second to “Sled” when it comes to popularity on this site. Just today alone there were a total of 435 views on “Sled” stories, so pass that along to “Sled” if you get a chance I’m sure he will be happy with the attention he is getting! 🙂


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