As I mentioned in my “IS IT ME” story THE RAINBOW GIRL made lawsuit threats against me after I politely requested she not use my name in the SR Comments Section. The Rainbow Girl is of course none other than Ms. Hilary Ohm of Colville, WA who goes by “Rosehips” in the SR Comments Section.

hilary ohm poster


Unfortunately, Hilary continues to accuse me and seems to get a lot of enjoyment out of it so I thought I would give my readers an idea of just who she actually is.

Go Brian Go post



(Darn Navy Seals!)


Hilary, who I would consider an extreme liberal is constantly having word battles back and forth with the Conservatives that comment in the SR Section occasionally those battles get pretty vitriolic, on the other hand sometimes they are downright funny. One in particular I thought was funny was between her and Conservative David Bray (Semper Fi). The topic was kind of about government service and Hilary indicated she had served on some kind of a secret mission in the military while in Germany. When she was confronted about her DD-214 she said her DD-214 had been taken from her by the KGB.


Hilary Ohm, prior to becoming “Rosehips” used to comment on the SR Site and others using her now legal name Hilary Ohm, yet she complains about anonymity.

Hilary Ohm Disqus

Hilary Ohm anonymous



You might notice the “Riddler” comment in the image above. Just a tip for you “Riddler”, there is no anonymity on the internet, if you use the internet even kids can determine who you are, as well as your secrets. Even legally changing your name as Hilary did from Beth Ryan to Hilary Ohm won’t hide who you are.

Name Change 1

Name Change 2



IMO, there is nothing wrong with being a die-in-the-wool Liberal and supporting Liberal causes. The same is true for die-in-the-wool Conservatives. The problem as I see it is not being honest about who, you are, what you believe in, and taking the low road to support your ideology. Both sides do that, and we all know it.


In Hilary’s case as far as ideology goes it would be of little surprise to anyone that Hilary was a stanch Bernie Sanders supporter, and she advertised that fact.

Bernie Sanders Event




Another thing Hilary is deeply involved in “Citizens for A Clean Columbia” which is an advocacy group who advocate for a clean Columbia, I for one want the same for the Columbia I think we all want it clean. Good on you Hilary.

Corp CFACC 1

Corp CFACC 2



EPA has received a “Letter of Intent” from Citizens for a Clean Columbia to apply for technical assistance funding for this site. If you would like to work with Citizens for a Clean Columbia, or submit a joint application, contact Hilary Ohm, Chairperson, Citizens for a Clean Columbia, P.O. Box 172, Northport, WA 99157,

(509) 685-0933.



One thing Hilary and I have in common is that we both have Blogs you can find Hilary’s here as well as some of the comments she has made:


***You might notice in this one that Hilary wants a clean Columbia, and also doesn’t like those poisons present in Girl Scout Cookies.



This of course represents only a very small portion of what I know about Hilary Ohm that I thought I would share with my readers. When someone threatens you with a criminal complaint, or a lawsuit the best thing to do is to get to know your adversary including whether or not they are “Judgement Proof”, which most of my adversaries are.


Of course the word “Hypocrisy” has been thrown around about me recently, which doesn’t bother me, but when you look at people that are making every effort like Hilary, Andy Scheldt, and others are doing to try and torpedo my legitimate complaint against Mayor Condon and the City by contacting my lawyers and City Councilmembers about what a dastardly fellow I am, one has to wonder if they really understand what “Hypocrisy” actually is.

One thing I’ve noticed about these folks is that NOT ONE has the guts to face me or even give me a call, and in my view that says a lot!

Keep in mind that ALL of the things posted here are a matter of public record, which anyone, at anytime can easily find!


I may have more about my adversaries later, including Hilary, depending on the direction things take…but this is a good start.






31 thoughts on “THE RAINBOW GIRL LAWSUIT!!!

  1. Another thought regarding the lily livered SledShelia~Review gang; they want the mayor gone so badly, they can taste it. And yet, they are attacking one of the agents that could actually get him gone; Brian Breen. Attempting to discredit him in the press, to smear him to city and legal officials, and to thwart his lawsuit against the city.

    Guess they hate Breen more than they hate Condon being mayor? I dunno…

    Not exactly the smartest gang in Spokane…????


    1. What boggles me is that Breen chose to steal his own thunder by creating a new profile photo with my high school graduation pic. I have a suspicion that you were involved. It’s usually always the women who find the old posts. I’m not sure what is going on with you and Brian but it seems odd. I sure hope betrayal isn’t involved. I kind of doubt it. You know what I mean?


    1. I forgot to mention that my readers obviously like the Rainbow Camp Video and I thought it was pretty cool too. What did you think of it?
      The timing I think is great since my family is going camping next week, although I’m sure it won’t be like Hilary’s video.

      As far as my wife is concerned Andy can fill you in on her from his past threats. She is, like me, retired now however so she has to put up with me all day every day… talk about a strong women… eh?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mrs. Breen must be a Saint! And I mean that in the most sincere way…sorry Brian! All the weeding she does while he’s at the computer…for shame! lol

        As to the links about Bethany Hilary?
        I’ll tell ya, that image and the buck teeth…

        Later when I have more time, I’ll check out the other links; comical, I’m sure!
        Glad this has increased traffic to your site.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, missy. My large family was known for our overbite. 5 of my 6 siblings had braces to fix them. My sister and I didn’t get them because we had the best of the bunch, believe it or not. But very classy of you to notice and mention it. I hope your parents were better off than mine.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I think it’s a cute pic of you. Looks like you got baby too. Kinda shows his class level posting a pic while you were pregnant. As for the comment about your teeth, classless.


              1. Why did you post a picture of her when she was pregnant? Or any at all. One would think someone who denies outing and harassing people wouldn’t do just that. Out and harass. Think it’s gonna help you prove you don’t out and harass? To any halfway sane person it’s easy to see what’s going on. Perhaps that is why it completely escapes you.


              2. Hilary posted the picture I didn’t did you ever check the links? I think it is a cool picture. I’m going to ignore the comments ding on my computer for a while I’ve got a file to fill. I’ll be back though. I’ll answer a call though if you aren’t a big coward???

                Liked by 1 person

              3. “Hilary posted the picture I didn’t did you ever check the links?”

                She didn’t post her pic on this blog. You did.


      1. Lol. Your latest “blog” piece and comments last night answered your own question, “is it me”. I feel sorry for your lawyers. Lol


        1. Hey thanks again for following, “Anonymous” today’s story is getting one heck of a lot of action for this early on a Sunday… 105 views so far which would include both you and “Rosey”. Do you think I should write more stories like this? Give me a call and let me know!

          Liked by 1 person

        1. Want to hear more about my secret mission in Germany, missy? I know you would understand how easy it was to sneak onto the base during our ‘secret mission’. It’s a good story. Ask Brian.


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