There is of course one way to find out, EITHER CRAP OR GET OFF THE POT, after being falsely accused of a crime by Sheila Chase and Andrew Scheldt, like most would, I sought legal advice and the suggestion was… to ask nicely for people to stop using my name, or the lawyers could send a letter. I opted to email Ms. Ohm directly. Thus I sent the email below to Ms. Hilary Ohm, who goes by “Rosehips” on the SR Site. As you can see from the image below it was a simple request. Hilary Ohm like all of the folks that comment on the SR Site has a huge internet and social media footprint so it was extremely easy to find her email address, even a 10-year-old kid could have found it, the same is true for all of the commenters on the SR site.

Me to Hilary Ohm


Ms. Ohm responded to me with this weird email which included a comment about someone’s wealth:

Hilary to Me 7 23



I subsequently responded back to Ms. Ohm here, with the same response I would give to anyone.

Me back to Hilary 7 26

Hilary responded with this email:

Hilary back to me 7 26


I ended the craziness with this:

Me to Hilary block


I do have a pretty high boiling point, but when I reach it watch out. I don’t mind people making fun of me on public websites like the SR and Facebook, saying such things as I’m in need of psychological help as “Riddler” suggests, or that “my problem” is alcohol, as Andrew Scheldt states.

Riddler off the tracks

Sled Breen Alcohol

I do however have a problem when people go out of their way to contact City Councilmembers, and the Center for Justice to defame my character. That requires some looking into.

Breean Beggs Knows

Sled sending to CFJ


Yes, I get screenshot copies almost daily now, and I do some of my own.


Since I have a lot of respect for Breean even supporting him in his run for Prosecutor and seat on the City Council, as well as interacting with him on some law enforcement issues, I thought I better check it out. So I sent him a copy of Andy’s public statements in the image above to Breean.

Me to Breean


***Note to “printsubscriber”: Actually my time other than Honey Dos is pretty well consumed with collating thousands upon thousands of pages of PRR documents in preparation for an upcoming case. Dumb of me probably to bother with this story.

Breean back to me


Me Back to Breean.

Me back to Breean all over town


Of course Andrew Lee Scheldt aka “Sled” and Sheila A Chase aka “Shelalal” both of whom are documented liars and have zilch as far as credibility is concerned always come up with something when they get caught. In this case here is Andy’s attempt at an out.

Sled mutual friend

Not to worry Andy, I’ll get a further clarification for you.

I will also note that I will be doing more stories here where I can provide documentation and evidence regarding both Sheila Chase and Andrew Scheldt, when my time isn’t so limited. Here because unlike the “UP VOTE OUTING BANDIT” I can provide the evidence. As a matter of fact, if I wanted to “OUT” anyone else I would do it right here on this Blog with all the evidence as most of the Commenters from the SR Comments Section are followers including Andy and Sheila. It isn’t nice to falsely accuse someone of a crime and you have to expect push back from the one falsely accused.




The generally reasonable “stich” apparently posted this comment last night, and must have thought better of it. When I checked today the comment was edited.

stitch BB cult


I also have noted that the SR will generally delete derogatory comments which mention my name, although rather slowly most of the time…I wonder why?


So I would assume some folks feel I’m the leader of some kind of a “cult”, I’m not sure what “stitch” means but if “stitch” is referring to the folks that read my Blog…WELCOME TO MY CULT!



This will be the last time I deal with this subject with the exception of some possible clarifications, I have better things to do, so as the saying goes for some of you … “EITHER CRAP OR GET OFF THE POT!”



29 thoughts on “IS IT ME???

  1. We shall see who believes Breen and who doesn’t. I think I get it that you are denying that you are “the upvote bandit.” That is funny. Who else would it be? Missy? Whether it is you personally or a surrogate, it matters not. Your blog speaks for itself. You are one obsessed lunatic. Anyone can see that for themselves by reading this blog.


      1. Your dodge is very telling. Are you the upvoter bandit or not?

        Of course you are. Your lack of denial is telling. Honesty is something you think you stand for but when it comes to your own truthfulness you fall oh so very far short.


      1. Again, are you denying that you are the person who created all the profiles with my photos and Drew’s?

        I would like to know definitively whether you deny it. If you tip toe with a reply, I understand. Don’t want to get yourself caught in any lies, do you?


  2. I’m sure Breean is thrilled by your blog.

    You keep digging your grave deeper, Brian. Why won’t any of your friends advise you? Instead they fail you with fake platitudes.

    Sure, missy. Someone else is making the fake profiles and someone else is the author of this blog. You are so impressive.


    1. Actually Breean follows my Blog, because he knows I come up with some good stuff.

      I have friends and lawyers advising all the time…so don’t tack a worry on it. There is NO QUESTION I am the author of this Blog. “Either Crap or Get Off The Pot!”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good stuff? Do you think he will think the above is “good stuff”?

        I think it makes you look obsessed as your campaign against Drew and Sheila does. How could you possibly think anyone but your few fans would be impressed?


  3. IS IT ME???

    One thing I’ve thought; anyone could be the “UpVote Bandit”.

    I must wonder at the collective intelligence of this gang that constantly slings their crap on a newspaper’s public forum, using it to take up their personal petty vendetta against Breen by constantly accusing him of crimes and engaging in other questionable digs at him such as his being of unsound mind.

    I’ll bet that not one of these geniuses have ever stopped to wonder…what if it isn’t Breen?

    They do themselves no favors by their constant haranguing and ganging up on (some would say bullying) of those not in their lily livered liberal lemming clique. And now? They are on this site with their jr. high school idiocy. Damn it! Used to love coming here because THEY weren’t here. LOL! 😉

    Again, thanks for all you do to hold the powers that be to account. Give ’em hell, Breen!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Like I said there is one way to find out, which I would like to see happen. As far as “geniuses” is concerned…not so much! 🙂 I think the “clique” is actually kind of sad and quite cowardly from a number of perspectives. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I wonder how missy *cough* would like if we dug into her past and posted it online. Imagine how violated she would feel? Only a sick old man like you would do such a thing. Lucky for her.


  4. Some people have no Balls it takes a big person to hide behind a computer screen & fabricate things if these ignorant fools didn’t have a computer to hide behind then you wouldn’t see bullshit like this. I guess they don’t like the sunshine ☀️ Brian I say shine bright sun…..shine bright! ☀️☀️☀️☀️😎

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Mr. Been
        I just love your blog I have had the pleasure of speaking to u before in the past but anytime I need to know anything about the cops in Spokane I read your blog I have learned so much I referred 2 of my closest dearest friends to your blog because it has taught me so much gave me a better understanding of how this town works and has been helpful in my fight with the courts who stole my 2 children and gave custody to their violent abusive father and the Stepmother who had a lesbian relationship with Judge Annette S. Plese who is married to a Spokane County Police Officer. My fight for my children has now involved some corrupt officers which lead to one of my family members getting beat by 4 cops at Winco grocery store in the Valley it was my brother in law who was arrested for assault on a police officer it was Eaton and Samuel Turner involved in that then I had another incident where officer West entered my home without a warrant to do a domestic stand by so the Stepmother could come in my home and search through my belongs which didn’t go over well! Keep up the good work and I’m referring everyone I know to your valuable blog thank you!
        Jill 4 Justice

        Liked by 2 people

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