1. What a pretender! A liar! A fake! Everyday, all day, he’s lords over other contributors and gets opposing posts on the SR removed due his whining to the mods cause he’s such little wussy and this punk doesn’t bother to vote? His holier-than-thou crap makes me want to puke and I bet he got his tattle tale ass beat regularly in school by kids that caught on to him. Everything he spews is a lie!

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    1. Andy is a troubled fellow who just can’t handle it when what he is really about is brought forth and he will go to great extent to lie his way out of the truth, even to the point of falsely accusing people of things he knows are lies. I have had to deal with people like him for years so it is actually kind of fun for me. What amazes me is the people that buy into his game. Too bad he doesn’t have a pot to piss in. He wants to be important but the only place he feels he can be important is commenting on the SR threads and attacking people mostly women. Just another coward who feels safe behind his computer.

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      1. Likely troubled by your continued harassment. If I were you I would be concerned about posting pictures of minor children without parental consent with the intent to harass. New low. For sure.

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      2. He sure ignores his kid, IF there is a kid. No one can spend the time he does on discussion threads and properly parent a child. And his boss must be thrilled with him posting all day long from work, too. No wonder he’s single, there’s no time for a relationship; the SledShelia~Review is his lover!

        Now, he’s posting here?

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          1. What is your fascination with shit, Andy? OOOOOOOOO you typed the name linked to this twitter account. Ain’t you brave? Tell you what, I’ll drive on out to DAA NW and you can tell me to my face that I “talk some shit”.

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            1. I know it is difficult at times but lets try and keep it half way kosher on here. I don’t want to ban “Anonymous” or anyone else for that matter. The truth usually has a way of coming out in the end and “Anonymous” can dispute any of the facts I present at any time. Besides, sometimes people have a way of proving other people’s points by their own actions.

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              1. If you are trying to get banned “Anonymous” so that you can try and play the victim it isn’t going to happen here unless you get way, way far out there. So please keep that in mind. In other words it won’t work and folks will just ignore you if you decide to continue. Having said that would you like to dispute any of the facts I have presented or the documentation I have provided?

                Again…thanks for following my Blog!

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