Once again our friend Andrew Scheldt with the new AKA “cleartheair” demonstrates his need for attention and acceptance within his small group of extremely left wing followers, and anyone else who will read his crap, by being the first to comment on the MURDERS in Orlando in a Spokesman Review Comments Section:

( )



Scheldt’s use of the Murders in Orlando as a means to try and gain attention simply confirm all that was said here:

AS In DAA NW Shirt.


Scheldt calls everyone to prayer but the question really is; Does he even pray himself? We must remember that when a story was written in the Spokesman Review about the defacing of Temple Beth Shalom with a spray painted Swastika… Scheldt pretended to be a Jew in order to gain sympathy and acceptance.

Straught up as a Jew Sled


How can anyone not question whether Andrew prays or has ever even attended any Church, his record would suggest he hasn’t.


Scheldt continually calls people, mostly Conservatives, such things as, Loons, Nut Cases, Liars…and more. Even his own little Comments Clique, if they are serious about their ideology have to be asking themselves if they really want to associate themselves even just in a comments section with someone as self-serving and in need of attention as Andrew. Doing so makes them look just as bad as he is.


Good God Man the world doesn’t revolve around Andrew Scheldt, nor does the comments section of the Spokesman Review!




  1. Andy/SpokoWrench/Sled/Sleknek/Slednek509/Cleartheair/DBcooper/CharlieParker has absolutely no self control. The predicaments he gets himself into are not that hard to avoid, yet he has to involve himself somehow, and that is a cry for attention.

    His hypocrisy is quite amazing. Remember when he used to brag about having never been banned that Slednek509 was his only handle? Now he’s had upwards of at least 6 different handles since. So that makes it funny when he points out someone else and their multiple user handles. Or his other habit of being shocked when someone resorts to name calling or sarcasm…come on dude, you’re the king of lunch room elementary school behavior on the Jokesman.

    As for his so called love life, I highly doubt he was the victim of mental spousal abuse. Judging by his inability to keep a woman, well lets just say he seems to be the common denominator in all of his failed relationships. His ex Bell made a brief Jokesman appearance on a story relating to smoking and did a fine job of bashing a certain person’s obsessive smoking habits and seemed pretty happy to be out of that situation. I wonder how many ex’s he’s had since Bell.

    The only place that Andy/SpokoWrench/Sled/Sleknek/Slednek509/Cleartheair/DBcooper/CharlieParker has any self control is on this blog. You know he is reading this stuff, you know it’s driving him nuts, and you also know, he doesn’t have the sack to come out here and try and respond because he isn’t protected by anyone and sure as hell cannot protect himself. Clear signs of bully mentality.

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  2. “Good God Man the world doesn’t revolve around Andrew Scheldt, nor does the comments section of the Spokesman Review!”

    Well, I’d agree that the world doesn’t revolve around ALS/Sled/Slednek or what ever he dresses up and pretends to be today based on what is in the news, rainnbow tutu and leotard with fairy wings for Orlando…hemp fiber hippy gear with sisal rope sandals for Moiser… life vest and torn cotton shirt/pants for Syrian refugees… a tallit and kippah for spray painting swastikas on our local Jewish synagogue. Gotta hand it to him, he out [fake] victims the [actual] victims.

    No wonder he is single, no self-respecting woman would willingly get tangled up into that…we want men, not drama queens that get so emotionally involved in issues that will never impact their lives; so much energy expended on nothing and accomplishing nothing.

    It is not as if he actually does anything about all and every issue that he has an emotional hysterical melt-down over, or even a single issue. Other than yammering on endlessly by posting cut and paste comments to the Sled~Shelia Review 24/7, picking fights with people he doesn’t know, and generally letting his motor mouth over load his rearend he won’t ever do anything about the multitude of issues he claims to care so very much for.

    Such. A. little. Poser.

    And again, no self-respecting woman is gonna want a big ‘ol slice of drama queen. Even “faghags” (love you David, honey mean it! xoxoxoxo!) have their limits on drama queen, let alone gals that don’t love the gay. And just think of the role model he is for his mini-me. Or isn’t, I should say.

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  3. Laughing at this. Andy is such a drama queen and the type of guy that must have gotten his ass kicked everyday in school. No wonder all his friend are cyber internet types. What a pathetic loser. I used to read the newspaper comments section but not anymore, I can’t stomach the drama and lunatic liberals.

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