The evidence that Andrew L Scheldt seeks to find his acceptance in the comments section of the Spokesman Review abounds and one of his more recent posted comments tells his true story, and demonstrates just how important being someone, somewhere, is to him at any cost.

Sled Rachel Thread


“Bless your heart Rachel. The world is your oyster. Don’t pay any attention to those who don’t understand. The people that matter to you in your life do.”


Andrews small group of followers should take note of what he attempts to do above. In a lengthy story in the Spokesman Review regarding the trials and tribulations of a transgender child Andrew, as he often does, makes a comment seeking to portray himself as that of an honest, caring, loving, man whose only interest is righting society’s wrongs when in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

“Bless your heart Rachel.”

Does anyone honestly believe Andrew was reaching out to Rachel with his comment? Of course not! What, pray tell, would lead anyone to believe Rachel a 7-year-old would follow the comments section of the Spokesman Review? Andrew as usual was grasping for acceptance with his comment using a hot topic to inject himself into the conversation in a way he felt would portray him in the best light.


Andrews quest for being accepted could very well have its roots, that is if you believe him, in what he describes as abuse at the hands of his mother and ex-wife.

Abusive Marriage


“The world is your oyster.”

Time and again Andrew utilizes idioms in his comments which he has found somewhere on the internet that will fit into his narrative, often Shakespeare, as was the case here.


“Don’t pay any attention to those who don’t understand.”


Again, addressing a 7-year-old while at the same time attempting to impress readers with his vast knowledge and understanding of the issue, with little or no experience concerning the issue, while at the same time trying to put down others who don’t share his views.


“The people that matter to you in your life do.”


There are people who matter in most everyone’s life, and clearly the people who matter most to Andrew are those whom he can convince that he is the caring loving individual he would like people to believe.


Regardless of your position on the transgender issue, as is the case with most issues, there are those like Andrew whose only interest is self-serving. Those individuals are easily identifiable and we shouldn’t be fooled. Andrew goes to great lengths to try to protect the image he would like to have, even to the point of falsely accusing people like myself of crimes. If the issue involves Judaism…Andrew will become a Jew…if the issue involves a crime victim Andrew will be a crime victim…if the issue involves Native Americans…Andrew will have a better understanding than even those who are Native America…if the issue involves the homeless depending upon the day and his narrative Andrew will either understand their plight or show utter disdain for the them. For Andrew each day is new day and a new Andrew.

Homeless camp



As quotes go this one attributed to Abraham Lincoln seems quite appropriate:


“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

Abraham Lincoln


When Andrew, who follows me here reads this, he won’t be happy, but Andrew isn’t the kind of person who has the ability to honestly understand is own motivations…so Andrew will continue to be Andrew.



16 thoughts on “IN DIRE NEED OF ACCEPTANCE!!!

  1. Horse “Anthony fortunately for himself is smart enough to recognize that you cannot argue with a guy like sled. Not because sled is right, but because he cannot stop himself even when he is wrong he will try and justify it.”

    True. Our Man Sled can not stop himself. He has zero self-control.

    Horse also raises a question many have; how much time does Our Man Sled spend on his phone? And how much time remains? To do other things, such as be a parent? Or go to a park? Or anything besides arguing with strangers on internet web sites?

    Zero. Self-control.



    1. Why do you care?

      Our Man Sled? You have made him the object of your obsession as the surrogate for Foxy.

      He’s a single dad taking care of a son with many medical issues. What can you possibly get out of harassing him and his son?


      1. Come on Rosey knock it off, the victim thing doesn’t work here. Parents make their own decisions on how they act…not the child. Please don’t put me in position where I make my decisions based on others actions. I have shown more restraint than I probably should have to this point. For every action there is a reaction whether someone is a parent or not, and we as parents have to take responsibility for the actions we take. So PLEASE lay off the victim stuff.


        1. Funny, because you are the one playing the victim. So is your flying monkey. Hypocrisy at its finest there Mr. Dipshit. Take your own advice and quit crying around about how you were wronged.

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  2. True. He likes to frequent The Spokesman, The Inlander, and evidently The Everett Herald. I would suspect that he does not have his kid as much as he tries to let on. Hell, for as much as he spends online fighting senseless fights, I’d bet his baby mamma does all the responsible parenting stuff.

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  3. His interaction with Anthony Gill is classic sled. Here is Anthony, someone who thinks on a higher level than him, and probably has much better education too, yet sled’s ego causes him to try and match wits in a battle where he is severely outgunned. Anthony fortunately for himself is smart enough to recognize that you cannot argue with a guy like sled. Not because sled is right, but because he cannot stop himself even when he is wrong he will try and justify it.

    I have to say, with this guy my BS’ometer goes off loudly when he nearly breaks his arms patting himself on the back. I would bet real money that he is not the incredible single father he portrays. How can you be that much of a dad when your time is dedicated to The Spokesman. I also highly doubt he was abused also. It just goes along with his play the victim look at me mentality.

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    1. One of the problems Andrew has had lately is when he can’t get ahold of someone at the SR to delete the evidence and it stays up long enough for people to begin questioning where he is truly coming from.
      He is due for yet another reincarnation where he will slowly escalate into putting people down, disparaging those who disagree with him…oh well that’s Andrew! 🙂

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    2. ” How can you be that much of a dad when your time is dedicated to The Spokesman.”

      Great question, Horse. Some days he is on the Sled~Review from the time he awakens until the time his wittle head hits the pillow, all the while his kid does what exactly? Can you imagine being a kid with a parent that ignores you in order to live a fake life on a newspaper’s web site? And I’m certain that the Sled~Review isn’t the only site he cyber argues all day long on. Poor kid!


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