Andrew Scheldt aka Sled has a new persona, “Charlie Parker” and continues to post comments on the Spokesman Review website during working hours. Sheila A Chase continues in her “Shelalal” persona, and Chuck Tingstad currently using the “wonderingaloud” persona but probably is best known as “greenlibertarian”.

All three are very, very Liberal commenters in the SR comments section, and continually attack commenters with conservative beliefs, as well as me. They are often joined in their vitriolic attacks by two women who at this point I will refrain from outing “rosehips” and “printsubscriber” but may in the future depending upon how far they choose to go with continuing the lies and false accusations made by the Three Moochateers. The I’m the victim attitude, I deserve everything, and I’m never wrong attitude has gotten me to the point I’m about ready to become a Conservative just for the fun of it. Any Liberal that would want to associate themselves with liars and frauds like these three sure doesn’t say much for their own agenda.

To be perfectly clear I WILL NOT TOLERATE FALSE CRIMINAL ACCUSATIONS MADE AGAINST ME. If you choose to do that or perpetuate the lies you will be outed, and like Andrew, Sheila, and Chuck you won’t like it.

All three are among the many people who read this blog, not because of its content but to check and make sure more truth about them isn’t reported here. I know from the number of reads I get when I post the truth about them there is one heck of a lot of interest.

Andrew even takes screenshots of the comments made here, glad you are following along Andrew.

Screenshot my blog



Andrew of course, doesn’t have guts enough to leave a comment here on my blog as he isn’t protected by any of his very liberal moderator friends, especially former Air Traffic Controller and Union Guy Michael McGarr an SR moderator and Copy Editor.


Chuck Tingstad a follower of this blog whom you will often see using some of my content in his comments on the SR Website did have the guts once to make a comment, on the other hand Andrew and Sheila just can’t bring themselves to do it. Sheila did make a failed effort to have this blog stopped as she was rightfully embarrassed about her whoopers being exposed here. You might have noticed that she has, at least to an extent, knocked off the phony stories about her background and victimization.

CT Brandishing1

CT Brandishing 2



Andrew recently publicly, again, falsely accused me of something, this time of calling his place of employment. His accusation was of course another lie.

Garland Tavern Call

Garland Tavern Call 2

Not wanting his employer to believe I called his place of business I sent the President of DAA Northwest where Andrew works this email:

Andrew of course didn’t like the fact that I emailed his boss to deny his accusation and document facts regarding his commenting history. The lesson to be learned is DON’T FALSELY ACCUSE PEOPLE OF CRIMES…it is a simple lesson.

Andrew and Sheila are now accusing me publicly of threatening Andrews son, another lie of course and only intended to play the perpetual victim and gain sympathy from the fools that believe their whoopers. 

Interestingly conservative, tough guy, gun nut, and self-proclaimed legal and self-defense expert “Orphan” has volunteered all of his expertise to Andrew and his son, apparently to protect them from me.

Orphan Protector

Orphan’s internet comments are almost as funny as Sheila’s and would make for a great story here.

To be clear I can back up anything I write here with, records, documents, and images in the public domain which are free game for me and I will continue to use them.

Sheila Chase of course was completely embarrassed when some of the truth about here was exposed here, and she still can’t figure out a way to mitigate it other than add more lies just as Andrew is unable to mitigate his non-voting record despite his constant “blowing Up” of the SR Comments section with his Liberal agenda.

Andrew did finally vote in the Presidential Primary…for Sanders obviously… since he blew up the SR Comments Section for Sanders…good job finally Andrew hopefully my stories about you finally pushed you to vote!

Andrew Pres Primary

Sheila has expressed her displeasure with the fact that a house on Elgin she inherited when her son passed on was mentioned in a story here. Once she inherited her son’s home under the penalty of perjury she signed a document to get the low-income, disabled, tax reduction which she has received since she obtained ownership. A requirement for getting that tax benefit is that you must live in the home, and of course you can’t live somewhere else and rent it out. According to Sheila, and Andrew, she doesn’t live there. More on that later…but Sheila knows what I know. As far as the WSP Investigation of Sheila Chase while she was working for the State of Washington, she also knows I know…so it should be fun to watch this unfold.

As always, unlike the Spokesman Review, anyone who wants to dispute anything in this story is more than welcome to comment and provide contrary evidence…just don’t get too out of hand with your language (You too “printsubscriber” since you are into journalism and follow me.)













  1. What happened to that thread that Bird had his melt down on? After reading your snippets/screen shots I went to find it and it has been disappeared.

    Here we go again, this is his pattern; mental melt downs because he is such a drama queen, brings his personal melodrama on a public forum and then causes the newspaper to play referee when he lets his mouth over load his backside – essentially using a public forum to try and fight the fabricated battles that he’d other wise lose.

    If he is truly afraid and trying to ‘hide out’ why come back onto the forum that causes so much fear and trepidation and then act like an ass to other contributors, taunting them essentially? I don’t buy his story of being attacked or fearing for his kid’s safety; more made up melodrama and another chance to continue to play the perpetual victim. Poor baby!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! I’ve got screen shots of the melt downs, I hope he didn’t forget to fill someone’s break fluid when he had them. 🙂 The three of them screw up my stats too…how many times does it take to read a story? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The guy clearly has zero selfcontrol, along with other issues too numerous to list here but the over arching personality deficit is his lack of selfcontrol. That is why he can not stop posting from work, even though he knows it is wrong to use so much company time in such a pursuit, he can not stop himself from giving in to the over riding compulsion to go online so he can argue with people he likely does not know. It is also why, even though he claims to be in fear, he can not stop himself from creating a new identity and going back to an environment that he claims to fear and claims is so frightening as to cause him to accuse other contributors of criminal acts against him and his son. His compulsion to seek out attention and an audience for his tales of woe, is stronger than his claimed fear of harm. And as seen recently, when he thinks he is losing or feels backed into a corner, he lashes out in an irrational torrent of attacks against any and all that he perceives as having slighted him. And that, my friend, makes him a dangerous ticking time bomb.

        Just my unsolicited two cents worth.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I agree…I’m hoping at some point he gets the message…if not the alternatives are limited. He also “claims” he was abused by his mother and a wife, which is not a good combination but might explain some things if true. The problem is you never know what the truth is with him.


    1. Sled believes in reincarnation when it serves a purpose. 🙂 Sled will never be able to “hide out” he is addicted and needs to continue his quest for acceptance. Although he has, for the most part, refrained from commenting while he is working he continues to follow along and even up-votes some comments while he is working.

      One would think that by this time Andrew would learn that his lack of honesty along with his friend Sheila’s would have drawn the attention of more than just myself, including my friends in the Jewish Community. Perhaps that is another reason.

      I had a nice conversation with an associate of Andrews whom I invited to my home when a question of my lack of courage came up. The fellow said he would be delivering my position to Andrew, and I’m sure he has. The next move is entirely up to Andrew…NO MORE FALSE ACCUSATIONS OF CRIMES…something I have made quite clear.


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