I thought I would offer a little fun today for my Conservative friends when it comes to SOME Liberals and their hypocrisy. Keep in mind Conservatives, that not all Liberals are cowardly, frightened, keyboard commandos like my friend Sled whose real name is Andrew Lee Scheldt, DOB 4/28/1970.

This is one of many things about Sled I know but have held back…however this one… after his attacks on me and others, including David Bray, (since deleted of course) in the SR Comments Section I felt was necessary to report.


As most of us know the SR Moderators, themselves very Liberal, allow Sled free rein to push his Liberal Agenda even to the point of continually violating the SR TOS by attacking Conservative folks. I’m neither Conservative nor Liberal but Sled attacks me because I know the truth about him and his loving friend Sheila Chase who he continually plays the keyboard hero for when her lies and agenda are pointed out with evidence. The steps both are taking to re-persona won’t work by the way.


Here is some background for you.


During the Cathy McMorris-Rogers vs Joe Pakootas race Sled bragged about “blowing up” the SR Comments Section with Pakootas links.

Insert 2 Blowing Up

Sled of course continues to push his Liberal and Victim Agenda as always but here is the funny part. As you can see in this image from the link above Sled comments to his buddy Chuck Tingstad (“sunsetbeach”) on the need for people to vote in the City and County to get the rascals out.

Here is the big hypocrisy for my friend Sled…he doesn’t vote. As a matter of fact, although he has lived in Spokane for years he didn’t bother to register to vote until 2014. For those that don’t know you can check someone’s voting record here.

Should you decide to check out Sled’s voting record you will find this.


Insert 3 Voting Reg


Insert 4 Voting Record







16 thoughts on “GET OUT THE VOTE!

  1. Nice to revisit this post about liars that push their political agenda and abuse others with differing views, and then fail to v-o-t-e. I’d imagine there are lots of lazy liars like Sled hiding behind a computer screen deriding those that DO vote.

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    1. I am still laughing at the antics of Andrew, the pretend Jew, pretend voter activist, pretend perpetual victim, and pretend defender of truth, justice, and the American way!

      He’s so fake if he was set upon a heater he’d melt!


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        1. Friends?
          He doesn’t have friends. There are people that upvote his insipid cut and paste unattributed comments on a newspaper blog and then there are friends. If he truly had friends, he would not have had to pay to go to a hotel when the windstorm knocked out power to his hovel. Friends help friends. His pal Chuck Tingstad did not lose power and also did NOT let his “friend” Andrew the Fake stay with him. Same with his “friend” Shelia. And Rosehips too.
          Just saying…
          With friends like that…

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