Some people might wonder why my interest in Sheila “Shelalal” Chase and Andrew “Sled” Scheldt. Well, the answer is quite simple and should be a lesson for everyone. When someone falsely accuses you of a crime, always, and I mean always research their background to establish their true credibility…always protect yourself and I do!


When the truth starts to get out and shows people aren’t at all what they want people to believe, the only option for them is to try and stop the truth from getting out so it isn’t at all surprising that Sheila Chase tried to have this truth telling website shut down.


Sheila, in an effort to keep the truth about her coming out, made a complaint, under oath mind you, to WordPress in an effort to shut me down. Well it didn’t work and in reality it is quite humorous when you consider all of the times Sheila Chase has went on and on about her background, experience, and volunteering helping seniors protect themselves from internet fraud.


Here is the truth!!


Sheila Chase had a public Facebook page that was available for anyone to see and copy, which I did, and made it available to my readers. You often see on other media outlets screenshots and links to public Facebook pages so it is nothing new and a common practice. What is exceptionally funny about Chase’s complaint is what she said on the FB I copied, and now under oath states was hers.


“He has a FB page, so he may read this and I’m taking the opportunity to put a formal hex on him.”


Chase Facebook



Folks you just can’t make this stuff up!

Of course both Sheila Chase and Andrew Scheldt have NOW made their PB pages private, which probably would have been a good idea for them in the first place given their statements on those pages.

To be clear, I could care less about Shelia Chase’s photographs, however here public FB statements regarding the wheelchair ramp I do care about because they will come in handy in a later story where I show that Chase signed under oath a document allowing her to obtain a senior low income and disabled tax benefit at the house she took possession of after her son’s death. That document also contains a section where she states she is living in the home and is a requirement to receive the benefits. As Chase’s loving friend Andrew “Sled” Scheldt made known in the comments section of the SR there was/is NO wheelchair ramp at 6020 N. Elgin. Sled even went on to state that Sheila isn’t living in the house on Elgin rather was living with Chase’s other son…Sheila made the same statements on her FB page. Well guess what? Stay tuned!


HERE IS Sheila’s effort to block the truth from coming out:








  1. People like that think they can throw stones and not get caught up in the ripples created by their initial act.

    I read what went down when the triumvirate of slednek, bellinghamster, and shelala were running in a pack; making threats against other contributors (they were emboldened because they could attack with immunity, piling on ppl they politically disagree with) and lobbing libelous insults particularly against Brian Breen.

    I even recall slednek and his alleged girlfriend, bellinghamster, threatening to go to Breen’s wife’s place of employment.

    One thing is certain, that group sure can dish it out but cry “foul” to the high heavens if someone that has been the target of their orchestrated attacks has the temerity to fight back. They asked for it, given what I know about their attacks on Breen’s character and integrity.

    Mess with the Buffalo and get the horn!

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    1. I neglected to state that I read the threats against Breen and his wife on The Sled~Review (formerly known as The Spokesman~Review) comment threads. And the mods, minders, and managers allowed most of the screed against Breen to stand. They allowed their sponsored forum to be used to threaten and attempt to intimidate others they disagree with. And they still do.

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  2. Shelalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

    She isn’t content getting accounts banned on the ShelalaSled~Review? Now she attempts to shut down a privately owned and operated blog account?

    What a delusional bitch.

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