Amazingly she is at it again…but to be expected from people like her.



Chase 1


Chase 2

Chase 3



The comments section of the Spokesman Review is dominated by two very liberal individuals, Sheila A Chase who uses the primary screen persona “SHELALAL” and Andrew Scheldt who has a number of personas but primarily “SLED”. There is nothing wrong with being very liberal, nor very conservative, there is however something wrong when the SR continually allows these two to make up story after story to further their own agenda especially when the comments they make are false, and are real “WHOPPERS”. Each Time I have attempted to point out the WHOPPERS the SR has deleted the truth, which really should make people wonder especially when you consider that people making comments, other than myself, continually call other commenters “liars” and belittle people in all kinds of ways.


Sheila Chase continually makes statements that are not true most recently yesterday on this SR thread.


The reason Sheila Chase, whose maiden is Mahaffey, continually does this is something readers can decide for themselves. The problem is that some people actually believe what she writes and that just is not healthy when it comes to statements she makes about her experience, cops, prosecutors, and the criminal justice system.


The reason her maiden name is important is because one of her recent WHOPPERS was to attempt to gain sympathy by writing that she had lost all of her inheritance to the EPA as the result of the EPA clean-up of her parents trucking company, “Mahaffey Trucking Inc.”, of Great Falls Montana where she grew up. Nothing could be further from the truth and when I methodically pointed this out it was deleted.


I was hoping that Andrew and Sheila would get the obvious hint, as Chuck Tingstad did, that their Whopper telling would end up being exposed and they would change their tactics in the SR Comments Section. Well… neither one has so in order for the truth to be told it looks like a detailed analysis covering both will need to be done here. Keep in mind that Sled and Shelalal are the two individuals who falsely accused me of a crime and the SR are using as an excuse to ban me from being critical of the SR’s work relating to law enforcement in their comments section.


Since I’m somewhat focused on my PRR battle with the City and getting the truth out the analysis will be on the backburner for a while but will cover such things as court cases, reasons for leaving employment, property foreclosures, criminal history, judgements, home ownership, and many other things that are readily available through public records.


These screenshots will give you just a very small view of some of the things I will be covering in detail:



Sled at it again




          1. Not sure how it is working out for them but I’m getting lots of screen shots and chuckles before Sled and his grannie Shelia cry to the mods to have posts removed. Strange what gets jerked from the threads and what is permitted to remain up; double standard anyone?

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