People are starting to notice that “Sled” (Andrew Scheldt) is the perpetual victim when any issue comes up on the SR, from his car being stolen several times, his house burglarized, his credit cards compromised, people picking on him because he is a “Jew” (not), and on and on. In Sled’s latest rendition of being a victim he is being victimized by “someone who is off their rocker”…that in Sled’s view is ME.

In the comment by Sled below you can see his deep concern for my wiretapping and bugging of the SR, he should be far more concerned about the bugs I have running in his residence, and the Stingray I have set to monitor his phone.

Sled of course exaggerates the number of fraudsters I will be providing information on stating there are “5” when in reality there are only three….Andrew Scheldt, Sheila Chase, and Chuck Tingstad, all of whom are complete frauds, and the type of individuals liberals if they knew the truth would not align themselves with. The same way conservatives would not want to align themselves with frauds. So I am actually helping liberals out in exposing complete frauds.

Although I am limiting background information to three people I reserve the right to go beyond that if Andrew pulls anyone else into his crazy world and they are complete frauds like he, Chase, and Tingstad. Keep that in mind 56traveler the next time you up vote Andrew.

Has anyone ever noticed that Sled is the only one in the SR comments that is allowed to use my name without the comment being deleted, and is allowed to make false claims about me time and time again…there is a reason for that and it deals directly with my FOIA regarding the Cotton/Straub issue. If folks noticed my FOIA deals with the SR spiking the Cotton/Straub story until after the election which is beginning to look like what happened…but we shall see. That is why Addy Hatch chose to ban me and the only reason.

Andrew along with Shelia falsely accused me of committing a crime…for that alone frauds must be exposed so others don’t suffer the same.

The City is playing the usual FOIA game and here is part on the last installment.


This is also to advise you that additional records responsive to this portion (transfer of Monique Cotton from the Spokane Police Department) of your request, as well as the portion of your request for “formal or informal complaints made by or against Frank G. Straub or Monique Cotton” have been located. With respect to these records, we have provided third-party notification to affected parties and are allowing them an opportunity if they so wish and at their own expense to enjoin the City’s release of these records.  If no injunction is received preventing the release of the records by the provided deadline of November 30, 2015, we will make the records available to you on the following day, December 1, or as soon thereafter as possible. 


The third parties that have a right to object are of course the Spokesman Review as you can see from my FOIA request below I requested text message and email interaction from a number of SR folks.


RE: Your October 17, 2015, request

I am in the process of working with Angie Napolitano to obtain additional information as it relates to the text messages that have been provided to you.  If you are not really interested in obtaining the additional information as it relates to Ms. Napolitano’s text messages, please let me know at your earliest convenience.  Otherwise, I will plan to follow up with you with respect to the additional information by October 30.   





Terri L. Pfister, MMC | City of Spokane | City Clerk

808 W. Spokane Falls Boulevard, Spokane, WA  99201-3342

509.625.6354 | fax 509.625.6217 | tpfister@spokanecity.org



As you requested here are some additional search criterion for emails during the time frame I listed.


(Cotton AND Fire Department) or (Monique AND Fire Department) or (Cotton AND Park Department) or Monique AND Park Department) or (Frank AND Monique) or (Straub AND Cotton) (Monique AND Condon) or (Spokesman AND Cotton) or (Hatch and Straub) or (Hatch and Straub) or (Graham AND Cotton) or (Graham and Monique) or (Graham and Straub) 0r (Monique AND Transfer) or (Review and Cotton) or (Cotton AND Salary) or (Monique and Pay) 

Please pay special attention to emails to and from the following:







As you can see for the first time someone is willing to take on the SR, City, and SPD….so maybe Sled is right I am off my rocker! 🙂

I will be interesting to see if I’m in court with the SR with them objecting to the publics right to know.

Sled crazy


    1. Darned if I know what his problems is, it might be listed in the DSM V or maybe it will be covered in the DSM VI, who knows, but being a complete coward would have to be one of the diagnosis criterion.

      The guy sure could care less about his so called friends, I’m glad I’m not one! 🙂

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      1. I’ll look in those clinical sources for an explanation. In addition, to what I suspect is a chronic case of SGTA it looks like MisJ lives in his brain rent free! That compounds his symptoms, no doubt, somewhat dulling the release of dopamine given; requiring more and more argumentation to attain the same level of gratification.

        A vicious cycle. Poor thing! No wonder he is so argumentative.

        Hope the poor little fella gets help!

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  1. Unfortunately I too have had corrupt Spokane County Corrupt players who trumped up criminal charges on me in retaliation for unintentionally discovering a crime committed by unethical attorney Susan Embree a drunken criminal herself but has evaded criminal prosecution with the help of corrupt Spokane County Superior Court Judge Annette S. Plese who was notified by The Washington State Department of Health investigator that Attorney Susan Embree filed a falsified declaration by a dentist who states under oath he never provided in this matter but rather than hold the unethical attorney accountable this dishonest Judge Annette S. Plese denied the investigator access to the file and allowed this unethical attorney to file a motion that violated my due process rights not to mention my constitutional rights and striped me of any right I had to access my children’s medical records to ensure this unethical drunken attorney (Judge Plese’s friend) from ever being held accountable. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to corruption in the Spokane County Courts but Judge Plese is a huge part of the problem!


  2. Thanks!

    Know of any other media outlets following this FOIA battle? Seattle? Boise? Portland?

    They pulled down most of the posts on the thread that you excerpted from the Sled~Review, after you put up your post here. Damn, that’s funny!
    : )

    Keep at it Buff!

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    1. I know…I’ve got copies.

      It is funny…and just goes to show. What Slednek (Mooly) doesn’t realize is how many people are actually getting the fraud info beyond his own personal blog. So far today…over 600 visitors on this one alone. I notice there are some new personas which is also funny. 🙂

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  3. RE: FOIA and the Sled~Review
    IF you do get to court over this, and IF the Sled~Review does sue to keep John Q Public in the dark, please let us know about it so that we can attend the hearing. Won’t you?

    Keep at it Buff!
    : )


    1. Oh I will… that is what Journalism is all about…informing the public. It will be interesting to see what the SR does, especially given all their editorials about the public’s right to know. Other media is following the battle so this might not be the only place you read about it. 🙂

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